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Complete Astrophotography Setup

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Selling my Complete Astrophotography Setup.
Just use power extension cable to bring power to setup and you are good to go. Everything is pre attached to quickly setup and remove to save setup time and also everything can be removed easily.
Almost everything bought is new this year.
Also including Laptop with preinstalled software which I used to automate my astrophotography sequence.
Create and start sequence and software will control and slew telescope to target, start guiding and start capturing frames as you define sequence.
Take remote to monitor and access it from inside home. Don't have to be outside in cold nights, have a good night sleep and let setup to do all work for you.

List of Software preinstalled.
- OS Windows 10 pro (Licensed) with 750GB Space and 6Gb of RAM
- Sequence Generator Pro (Licensed) with auto slew configuration (Plate Solving) and all required drivers to connect equipment.
- Astro Photography Tool (Licensed)
- PHD2 for guiding
- Pocket Power Box power controller Software
- Deep Sky Stacker
- QHY Pole master software to Polar align scope.
- CPIW - incase want to control setup from home manually.
- Power box software to control power to equipment and heater strap
- ASCOM driver and other drivers and software.
- Also Including Flat, Bias and dark frames to easily process images taken using this setup so you don’t have to worry about it when processing images.

Setup includes following equipment’s
- Celestron AVX mount With Homemade Pier (New)
- Two counter weights to support scope and Hand control incase do not want to use Star sense auto align.
- Celestron 5 amp AC Adapter (New) - to power Mount and also Lighter power cord included
- Pole Master with AVX adopter (New) - to Polar align Mount/Scope
- ASI290MM Mini (mono) Guide Camera (New)
- Altair Quad Band OSC CCD 2" Filter (New)
- Sky Tech CLS-CCD Canon EOS Clip Filter (New)
- ES 127MM FCD100 APO (New)
- Star field - 0.8x Reducer and Field Flattener (New)
- Star field DH-6 6" Dew heater (New)
- Pocket Power box (New) with environment sensor - To provide power to heater, camera and other equipment.
- Power Supply Unit - Pocket Power Box (New)
- Canon Battery Adapter - E8 (New)
- ZWO 2" Filter Drawer (M42) (New) extra incase want to swap filter without removing camera.
- Guide Scope (Used)
- Canon T4i (Astro Modified)
- Celestron Zoom Eyepiece (New)
- Canon Camera Separate Power Adopter (New)
- USB Powered Hub (New)
- Celestron Star sense Auto Align (Used) to align scope/mount automatically.
- Orion Dual finder scope Adopter (New)
- Acer Laptop (Used very good condition)
- Guide Scope Ring (New)
- Power bar, original boxes of equipment and Extra USB hub used in setup.

Can also demonstrate how i use this setup and automating sequencing.
Prefer Local Pickup and prefer to sell as whole setup as it works great all together.
See attached images taken using this setup.

CAD$ 7500

Thanks for looking....
Clear Skies..... ;-)