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Custom Edge14 HD Remote Imaging System

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****** OFFER PENDING ********

This is an opportunity to acquire a fully operational, high quality, 14” remote imaging system operating at Deep Sky West in New Mexico.  This is a turn-key, world class astrograph for serious imaging that includes:

  • Edge C14 HD optics with carbon fiber tube, custom precision internal focuser ,and stable kinematic secondary mount
  • Astro-Physics 1600 mount with wide temperature range encoders ($19,570 new) on a permenant pier
  • IFI ONAG for precision guiding and real time focusing
  • FLI-ML16803 camera (36 mm x 36 mm sensor w/9 um pixels) ($10,500 new) with option for nearly new camera.
  • FLI FW with 7x 50x50 mm Astrodon filters including LRGB with 5 nm Ha, OIII, and SII (over $5,100 new)
  • ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro guide camera
  • Industrial grade, ruggedized fanless Nuvo 5500 PC with 64GB RAM, 2 SSDs (0.5GB wide temp & 1 TB standard) rated for operation between -25C and +70C.
  • Remotely controlled LED Flat Panel
  • All power supplies, software, and equipment to run the telescope remotely
This telescope has a Strehl of 0.92 and can be supplied with detailed double pass wavefront test data acquired with a 4D Technology PhaseCam--the same type of interferometer used to test the JWST.  It incorporates a custom zero focus-shift, zero backlash internal focuser with both manual and motorized controls developed for Celestron by John Hayes.  It allows high efficiency, “real-time” focusing while the shutter is open.  The secondary mirror is mounted on a precision ultra-stable, kinematic, high-precision, secondary mount with orthogonal tilt adjustment.  The OTA has a beautiful carbon fiber tube from Public Missiles.  Thermal control and the anti-dew system includes a short, heated dew shield, OTA fans, Reflextix™ wrap, and a fully automated dew control system that incorporates a Dew Buster heater system.  Dew and frost have never been a problem.

This system covers a field of about 31’ x 31’ with a pixel scale of 0.47”/pixel.  The optics are diffraction limited and the camera is spaced to produce pinpoint stars nearly to the edge of the 52 mm image circle.  When conditions allow, this system regularly produces subs with FWHM in the range of 1.5 – 1.8 arc-seconds using 20 minute exposures.  Under especially calm conditions, it has produced FWHM values approaching 1 arc-second.  This system was first installed at DSW in September, 2017 and has been cleaned and serviced on 6-12 month intervals.  Images from this system have been awarded an APOD along with numerous IOTD nominations and awards on Astrobin.

Total new equipment price: ......................................... $59,026
Cost to configure, transport, and install at DSW.......  $0  (This includes the $500 welded steel observatory pier at no charge)

Contact me for complete specifications, detailed equipment list, more photos, reference images, camera options, and terms sheet.  You can see numerous images taken with this system on my Astrobin page.  Just search my name.  I'm not rated a rated seller on Astromart but over the years, I've sold 2 other C14 systems and I've included feedback from one of the buyers in the images.  I'm happy to answer questions so contact me if you might be serious about moving up.  This is a seriously capable imaging system.