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Officina Stellare Veloce RH200AT Telescope VELRH200AT Astronomy

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Officina Stellare Veloce RH200AT Telescope VELRH200AT Astronomy
These telescopes were housed at an automated observatory and are about 3 years old. They have been well taken care of and are in near perfect condition. We currently have more of these scopes coming in. If you're interested in one please send us a message and we will put you on a contact list. As soon as they arrive we will contact you.

Optical set:Riccardi-Honders, flat field, improved designPrimary mirror (Mangin) diameter: 190 mm Font corrector lens diameter:220 mm Focal ratio:F/3Focal length:600 mmLinear obstruction:55%Full corrected and illuminated field: 42 mm (24x36 mm full format)Dimensions:248 (419 with light shield) L x 252 W x 282 H mmWeigth:9 Kg Back focus length from back plate: 115 mm Back focus length from full in standard focuser:about 65 mm RMS polychromatic (430 to 700 nm) spot size: max 9.4 micron at field edgeImproving an a hard job. To do that, we did a massive work, thanks also to the experience of our customers. We took hundreds of hours to find out some new solutions, to give a better performance to our RH200. Optics has been improved and optimized for large field imaging and surveys, with a better image quality even on small pixels size cameras. Getting closer to perfection we now add an innovative Nano Coating (copyright) with a better transmission over a wider wavelenght bandwidth range, a feature appreciated by professionals, and an amazing resistance to dust and moisture. We definitively banned out straylights from the RH200. New dewshield design avoid unwanted straylights from a 42mm circular field. All these new features are shared by all the 3 RH200 models. And it’s full athermal, avoiding any focus change durign the night.Standard configuration: athermal carbon closed tube with removable dewshield. Unique and innovative cells design, back tip-tilt plate, easy collimation system, piggy back camera support, losmandy dovetail, 72 mm clear diameter FineFocus manual focuser. Cap cover.Optional accessories: Reducer, DIGFFKIT, custom imaging train parts and more.