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Sun in H-alpha July 10, 2022

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INTES MICRO Maksutov Newtonian MN 68 for Sale

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we have a rar high end Maksutov Newtonian Telescopes , used, in stock for sale

we ship worldwide

INTES MICRO MN 68 Deluxe Maksutov Newton Telescope

INTES MICRO MN 68 Deluxe Maksutov Newton Telescope; ALTER MN 68 6"F/8 ( 152F/1200) Maksutov Newtonian. In General same design as excisting MN 66 Telescope, excapt that this new telescope is fully optimized for planetary and douple star use . This scope comes additional with an cooling fan and aircooling holed cell of meniscuslens. The tube has a clever rotary tube clamp system . On top of the tuberings are mounted a guidingscope plate and on bottom side as an standart an Vixen rail ( other rails are possible on request). Color of tube is cremewhite. This new design with only 15% C.O. is a visual superkiller scope. Doing an startest the central obstruction looks not more than an thinny central zone you see sometimes in high quality refractors. Its nearly impossible to see more energy in the first diffraction rings, than in an nonobstructed refractor. This new design should be the nearest possible matching design of any telescope against high quality colorfree apochromatic refractors. Includet is also a large 50 mm finderbracket as well as a dew shield Technical Datas: - tubediameter :200 mm - tubelenght : 1,200 mm - tube weight : 23.54 lbs - Reflection of mirrors :96 % - Material of mirrors : Pyrex - 2" JMI-EV Event Horizon focuser - Photographic Field of view 1° 45'

US $ 2,200.00 plus shipping