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SOLD! PENDING LAST PAYMENT- OMC 200 Deluxe f20 mak casswith paper test reports (98.7% strehl @ 22% obstruction))

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8" of aperture with near perfect paper optical test reports. 22% obstruction, which is close to the 20% obstruction limit that means it basically acts like the telescope does not have an obstruction.  Light weight, only 9KG, fits in small cars and rides on smaller mounts yet acts like a 7.5" APO.  2" rear port accepts 2" SCT clicklock diagonal.

Reasons to go with this scope over a budget SCT/Maksotov:
-build quality much better on this
-holds collimation very well
-unknown optical quality with entry level cats (re: significant loss of contrast on planets and double stars)
-much smaller central obstruction

If you want value, buy a budget mass produced scope and be happy with it.  This scope is for people who want the best.

Reasons to go for this Mak over a Mewlon (which is comparible in price and are excellent scopes)
-slightly better optical quality in this mak, noticable for planetary maybe not deep sky(no reports just Tak reputation which is quite good as I had a 250S Mewlon that was incredible)
-no diffraction spikes and slight loss of contrast with the mak (spikes are a deal breaker for some especially planetary/double star euthusiasts)
-dont need to fear collimation with this mak, very simple with allen key. Mewlon collimation is their worst feature

Reason to go for this over an Intes Micro
-Intes are built like tanks but that means heavier with poorer cooling capabilities. This OO mak is quality without the heaviness
-better quality collimation (I hate the soft brass collimation screws on intes micro- they wear very fast with regular collimation and often come damaged/worn when purchased preowned)
-unless you're getting a DELUXE Intes mak cass or mak newt with paper test reports that rival this, this will be better optically (most Intes deluxes around 95 or 96% strehl and 1/6 wave- you pay more for that last bit of strehl >95%)
-wonky Intes finderscopes and finderscope dovetails on Intes maks.  Try finding objects with a long focal length without a good finder

Any Intes 8" Mak Newt or 8" Mak Cass DELUXE are comparible in this price, yet many dont have test reports at all or not quite as good.  

Will consider a trade for a smaller nice apo to offset this cost, or an ES 12mm 92 deg. 

Buyer pay shipping and paypal(4%).  I will send it out via carrier of your choice. 

I am an active member of the community and will be happy to answer any questions and stand behind my sales. I have had well over a hundred sales on the other popular astro sites.

Cheers from Canada