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Planewave CDK 24 inch HUGE PRICE CUT

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So, I bought this Planewave CDK 24 last summer and had it set up at a remote site.  The remote site is now out of business and as I have said in myraid other ads I had to abruptly move out.  Its now in its shipping crate in my garage.  Yes, I'm bummed.  But, its time to move on.  

The scope is in mint condition of course.  It has the UPGRADED Quartz glass that cost me 10k alone.  Heaters of course and 8 fans.

HEY keep in mind I am INCLUDING the crate, PW charges a ton for that crate its FREE with the scope!!!!!!
Also their is no "packaging" fee either....your saving a ton of money here. 
Your saving about $13k!!!!!

It can ship via Airways Freight which is how I got it from Planewave.  My cost at the time was about 1800 bucks if I recall and I got it in two days.

They are terrific to do business with and will bring it right to your door.  

If you order today you will wait a full year.  So buy mine save 13k+++ extras plus free crate, packing fee and have it in TWO days.

I have an IRF 90 as well, you can see it in the pictures, add 3.5k for that, save another thousand dollars, my loss your gain again.

Not sure what else to tell you about the scope, I'm taking a serious loss and have priced it to move ...frankly the sooner the better.  Besides I think it should be in use.  It was used to do seious research, 5 papers published last year.

Let me know