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Carbon Fiber Tubing - Ultra High Modulus

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I would rather see this go into a nice ATM project before listing on eBay, so here goes:

From a hexapod project I have shelved, Dragonplate Ultra High Modulus carbon fiber tubing. Not the cheap stuff from the Far East, this is DragonPlate's best 110 msi tubing. Half the weight of 6061 aluminum to reduce the top-end weight of your Dob project. From the Dragonplate web site (which I would encourage you to visit):

"Dragonplate high modulus braided tubes utilize a combination of high modulus uni-directional carbon fiber for axial and bending stiffness and standard modulus braided carbon fiber for torsional rigidity and crush strength. These tubes have a cello-wrapped gloss finish and are made with a 250 F cure resin system. High modulus braided tubes are substantially stiffer than our standard braided tubes, and thus are appropriate when maximum rigidity and minimum weight are required."

Six tubes, 1" ID x 96" length. Condition is New, one tube was removed from packaging for inspection, the other five tubes are still in factory wrapper. $750 shipped in a sturdy sonotube to your door in the CONUS.