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Finsihed Mirrors for sale, incluing test flat

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We have a few excellent mirrors for sale. As follows:

Optic #1
Typegrinall-Kirkham Optical Set (Primary + Secondary)
Glass: Pyrex - Conical Back
Focal Ratio: f/15.7
System Wavefront Error: <.2
Coating:Semi Enhanced (Already coated)
Price:$1200.00 - Plus Shipping <-SUPER DEAL!
Optionally, we can build these optics into a finished OTA for you. Contact us for specifications and CAD drawings.

Optic #2 (8" Optical Test Flat, Lightweight honeycomb & central perforation + Protected Silver Coating 97% reflective!!. This was a backup mirror made as part of an aerospace contract. These mirrors were sold for over $3K each, you can clean up on the left overs!!! This would make a decent autocollimation test flat for figuring parabolas. Photos are attached to this ad.)
Diameter: 200mm
Substrate: Pyrex
Thickenss: 1.25" Lightweight Honeycomb Mirror
Centeral Perforation: 1.1" at the optical surface, tapering wider at a 30 degree angle.
Focal Ratio: N/A
P-V Wavefront Error: ~1/4 wave
$600.00 plus shipping

Optic #3 This mirror was originally made by "Reid" at Cave, but had a bad figure, we just refigured
it to a very nice mirror.
Diameter: 8.0"
Substrate: Pyrex
Thickenss: 1.5"
Focal Ratio: f/8.0
Strehl Ratio:.960
P-V Wavefront Error:1/10.49
Standard or Semi Enhanced coating, buyers choice.
$450.00 (Plus shipping)

Optic #4 This mirror is made from Zero Expansion Astrositall and does not suffer figure changes from temperature.
Diameter: 16.0"
Substrate: Astrostial
Thickenss: 1.75"
Focal Ratio: f/4.42
Strehl Ratio:.972
P-V Wavefront Error:1/8.
Standard or Semi Enhanced coating, buyers choice.
$2500.00 (Plus shipping) <- Another Super Deal considering the cost of the mirror blank.

Optic #5
Diameter: 10.0"
Substrate: Pyrex
Thickenss: 1.5"
Focal Ratio: f/6
Strehl Ratio:.982
P-V Wavefront Error:1/12.3
Standard or Semi Enhanced coating, buyers choice.
$528.00 (Plus shipping)

All of these mirrors can ship within 1 business day.

Visit our web site to learn about our other services such as re-figuring, re-coating & new mirrors.

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