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Several blanks, mirror

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I have the following mirror/blanks for sale:

1) a pair of full-thickness 8-inch pyrex blanks (actually matched blank and tool) ground to what looks like 320 grit, with a focal length of around 48-50 inches -->>  $125

2)  an 8-inch formed pyrex blank that was apparently in polishing stage (there is rouge on it, with pitch on back for what was likely a handle).  This one has a very long focal length - something around 110-120 inches.  -->> $70

3) (SOLD) a finished 14-inch plate glass mirror, 1" thick, focal length around 75 inches.  It would benefit much from being re-coated.  -->> $100.

If you feel my prices are out of line make your case and an offer.  I see quite a wide range of prices for pyrex blanks, even for plate glass ones, so I don't have a firm idea of what any of them are worth.