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30" SpicaEyes SlipStream Aluminum Scope for Sale - PRICE REDUCED!

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For Sale:
Excellent condition 30" SpicaEyes SlipStream dob aluminum telescope, made by Tom Osypowski of Equatorial Platforms, with excellent F3.3 Kennedy mirror.  I am the second owner and have had the scope for 11.5 years (first owner had it for 1.5 years).  It has been housed and meticulously maintained the entire time of my ownership in my roll-off roof observatory here in Fort Davis, TX, about 10 minutes from the Texas Star Party location (very low humidity environment).  The only issue we had initially with the scope was we didn't like the Flabeg coating on the primary mirror so had it recoated soon after purchase by OMI in August 2011 (the recoat is exceptional).  The new scope price for this exact scope (minus Stellarvue 80mm refractor finder scope, which would be an additional $2,000) is $48,545 with 14 month lead time, which includes $25,000 for the primary mirror.  I will be 75 years old in January and have reluctantly decided that I am aging out of climbing observing ladders in the dark.  I have enjoyed this scope enormously during ownership and would like it to go to a new owner who will appreciate it as much as I have.  I have no regional resources to crate/ship this scope, so would prefer pickup at my location (which would allow invaluable information-exchange time and the opportunity for buyer to see the scope assembled and operating), but, I am willing to meet the buyer half way to buyer's location for scope delivery not to exceed 600 miles for my travel.  This scope was used for both visual and video (Mallincam) observing and provides stunning views and images.  Use of Paracorr Type 2 provides edge to edge sharpness of visual image.  I am 6 ft tall and with 95" height to eyepiece at scope zenith, 90% of my observing did not require more than 4 half-steps on the ladder.  This scope has excellent go-to/tracking accuracy.  This scope is "portable" with wheels and handles if you have loading ramps and sufficient cargo space for the disassembled components in your vehicle (380 lb total scope weight, 100 lb of which is primary mirror).  Will accept bank-issued cashier's check for payment.  Thanks for checking out this ad!
List of Scope features:
1.) 2.1" thick Schott borosilicate F3.3 Kennedy mirror w/excellent figure w/snap focus (S/N 30330510, focal length of 100.1 inches (2542.5mm), recoated by OMI August 2011); 2.) 18 point whiffletree style welded steel mirror cell with 4 point floating lower edge support and 2 knob collimation adjustment and 2 nylon bolts to secure mirror edge during transport; 3.) Argo Navis/SiTech go-to/tracking drive system w/hi-res encoders and bluetooth connection module (to interface Argo Navis w/computer planetarium program if desired) and wireless hand control box w/3 speed slew control of both altitude and azimuth; 4.) adjustable slip clutches allowing alt/az movement by hand or w/hand controller w/o losing positional accuracy; 5.) rotating upper secondary cage to adjust preferred eyepiece angle at the observing ladder; 6.) rigid welded aluminum rocker and mirror boxes with oversized altitude bearings sitting on 1" diameter stainless steel shafts rotating in pillow block ball bearings; 7.) aluminum plate ground board utilizing V-belt drive with 3 dual-roller bearings for azimuth movement; 8.) tight fitting front and back primary mirror covers for excellent dust protection; 9.) 1.5" diameter truss tubes; 10.) stainless steel fasteners throughout, all aluminum parts are powder-coated or anodized; 11.) 12 v outlet box on the upper cage for dew heater or camera; 12.) Stellarvue 80mm refractor telescope w/diagonal mounted as finder-scope (note, this is not the Stellarvue "finder scope" listed as such in their product line, it's their 80mm refractor telescope ($2,000) mounted as a finder scope); 13.) FeatherTouch dual speed 2" focuser; 14.) Rigel finder; 15.) laser pointer calibrated to scope’s pointing direction w/remote cable switch; 16.) 2  installed 12 AH sealed batteries each w/built-in charger (one battery/charger for Argo/SiTech, Bluetooth system, and upper cage 12V outlet box; one battery/charger for variable speed primary mirror fans); 17.) original Astro Systems shroud in excellent condition; 18.) wheels/handles/mirror crate for "portable" transportation or shipment; 19.) all system operation manuals for Argo Navis and SiTech systems; 20.) canvas full-length scope dust cover; 21.) custom remote cable hand-plunger for pushing the Argo Navis "Enter" button for single-handed operation while at the eyepiece for 2 star alignment + TPAS modeling; 22.) stalk and tray for Argo Navis mounting and observing notebook; 23.) spare SiTech drive servo motor w/extra spur gears; 24.) spare SiTech hand controller keyboard insert; 25.) threaded hand knob for securing ground board to rocker box during transport; 26.) 2 quick release clevis pins for securing mirror box to rocker box during transport; 27.) mirror fan ventilation baffle to provide laminar air flow efficiency; 28.) focus mask for video camera use; 29.) Serial cables for Argo Navis and SiTech computer interface (firmware updates, setting operating parameters, etc.).