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APM Maksutov Cassegrain 275 mm f/14 Telescope, Quarz Optics > Preisreduction

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APM Maksutov Cassegrain 275 mm f/14 Telescope




APM has 1 pc Telescopes Maksutov Cassegrain 275 mm f/14 with small C.O., very light weight and fast cool down time, Optics from INTES MICRO, mechanics from Matthias Wirth , for sale



The optical design was ordered and made by the famous Astrooptik Dipl. Ing. Physics Philipp Keller .

The high quality quarz material for the mirrors is from USA, polished by INTES MICRO in Russia.


Our requirements for the optics has been to be better than 1/8 wavefront p.t.v. for the complete system proofed by Zygo Testreport


Telescope parameters:

- Coatings for Meniscuslens : broadband multicoating

- optical diameter in use of meniscuslens 275 mm

- optical diameter in use of primary mirror 295 mm

- photo-visuel central obstruction include baffle : 25 % of diameter ( for imagers near straylight places we supply a second baffle with 33 % C.O. which can be fittet in a minute )

- Back focus can be settet by quick focus at secondary mirror from 60 yards to infinity for any accessorie ( very wide range possible )

- Focuser: 2" Starlight Feather Touch Focuser

- image circle at focus : 45 mm diameter

- meniscuslens comes with dew shield mirror cooling fans comes with 9~12 Volt connection

- primary mirror has 3 sets of push pull screws for collimation

- meniscuslens has 6 volt heater

- tube diameter 360 mm

- tubelength 700 mm

- flexible dew shield

- secondary mirror has 3 spring loadet screws for collimation

- weight complete optical tube with focuser

- dovetail

- handle

- dew shield

- tube weight 21 kg = ~ 46 lbs


we have only this  1 new Telescope left, which has white tube color


new lower asking price only US $ 15,495.00 plus shipping ex germany