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High Resolution 6" F-8 Dob Reflector tuned to perfection. It thinks its a refractor ! ! !

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I once heard one say "The telescope that gets used the most is the one thats the easiest to set up". I have found this to be somewhat true
durring my 30 plus years invested in this hobby. What we have here is a 6" F-8 Dobsonian scope tuned to perfection and it requires very
little setup time. Take an extremly well figured primary mirror mounted in a slightly oversized (9" id) sonotube . I have learned that a slightly larger tube is esential to be able to  deal with air currents around the optics.  Add a  small  fan  ( 12 vdc) at the back of the tube to gently  provide a laminar  flow  of  air out the top of the tube.  This helps to optimize the seeing within the tube and allow for a much  improved  and stable view . Add a 1" dia. 16.6% obstruction secondary mirror supported with a 3 vain (thin vain) curved spider and a low profile Tectron 2" focusser. This formula for design and the use of high  quality optics and  componets provide excellent performance I have built many scopes from 6" up to 13 1/2" using this formula and have had excellent results.  With a Teleview 4 mm Radian eyepiece (300X) the views of the Moon, Planets, and Stars are sharp and clear. Low power views are also beautiful. The star test is superb with a textbook display of diffraction rings on either side of focus. The views through this scope are contrasty and quite refractor like with no diffraction spikes. I compare the image in this scope with that of an older Meade 127ED F9.6 Refractor that is excellent visually. THis 6"  shows a brighter image with slightly more detail than the Meade 127ED.
     This scope was fashioned from the carcus of an early Orion 8" F-4.9 Dobson Telescope. As it was the bottom of the tube was closed off. This trapped the air within the tube and the result was an image in the eyepiece never settled down. To accomidate the larger 7.5"dia side bearings material was added to the sides of the base. This also stiffened the base. Ebony Star Formica was used on both the side bearings and bottom along with fresh 1/4" teflon pads.  It is easy to move the scope along while observing at high magnifications as the scope moves very smoothly up, down, and sideways. The mount is very rigid and settles down instantaneously. The base has a mounting bracket to hold a 12VDC 7AH gel cell (included) to power the fan. The battery rides along with base and is connected with a small cable when needed. The battery would probably run the fan for a week if allowed to run on a full charge. Also included is a 12VDC 120VAC adapter (wall wort) to charge the battery. I added 3 casters to the bottom of the ground board. I also added 3 feet that when used with the included vibration suppression pads lift the scope up enough so the casters no
longer touch the ground. With this scheme you roll the scope out of the garage, lift the ground board slightly to place the Vibration suppression  pads included under the feet, plug the fan in and you are ready to observe. The scope also includes a right angle 8x50 finder scope. With this size scope you can do much of your observing while seated in a chair.