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Takahashi Classic Newtonian MT-200

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Thank you for your looking everytime! Please read my strange story,sorry.

Today I'd like to introduce Japanese interesting and useful goods for Newtonian like MT-200.
Of course, this goods will be effective for opened the Tube Telescopes like Mewlon.
It is called 'Sensu'.

If Astronomers check this word 'Sensu' at searching site like google, maybe immediately
it can be understood.

For me, to explain 'Sensu' is a little difficult.
When I say a conclusion, by all means there is bad flow of the current air in Telescope's tube .

If Astronomer use this 'Sensu' , without battery, Astronomers will be able to quiet the tubulence in the tube of Telescope!!

MT-200's tube is relatively long.
YES, same effect exists for MT-130,MT-160.

From today, I 'll send this 'Sensu' to my all clients who bought Takahashi MT-Reflectors little by little.

Conditions; Very Good! This MT-200 was made about 20 year's ago, however everyone will think this MT-200 was made only 2~3 years ago.

The Condition of 2 Mirrors is very nice.No-foggged and no-scratches no-mold. Really It is not needed to Re-platinge.

Especially, about Tube; almost no-scratches. < only about 2mm -touch--up painted.only 1.>
Mirror; same condition . Excellent conditions.

(I did make a collimation used Antares of the scorpion. Now perfect collimation)

1; Tube-itself; Very beautiful (except about 2 mm mark from touch-up painted)
2, Focuser; Like New Conditions
3, 2 Mirrors; very nice conditions.

4, 7X50 finderscope; There are some marks of white touch-up painted. However, condition is not so bad.

5, Tube-holders; in nice conditions.


1 Takahashi MT-200 OTA (with 31.7mm eyepiece-holder)
2, 7X50 finderscope
3, Tube-holderX2+ Top-plate < Seen big plate; for only NJP mount owner.>

4, 31.7mm Takahashi eyepiece holder ( New-one)

5, All Bolts and tools.

6, Roller-stopper

7, Manual in Japanese

8, 'Sensu'

9, Takahashi Big T-Plate for NJP mount .

* For MT-200, originally corrector and Reducer should be included.
However, I couldn't get them at this time.
So I decided that If I get corrector or Reducer I'll tell to the buyer.

To get Takahashi original Corrector for MT-200,I'll make a effort.

So, today I can't sell Corrector or Reducer.But No-problem.

Please understand this .

My Asking price ;$2400+shipping.
If need not Takaiashj Big T-type Plato, I can reduce 100 doller.

About Corrector or Reducer, when I get it, immeditelly tell you.

This MT-200 is rare,like new-one. So if you have been looking for New-one conditions,
I can strongly recommend this MT-200 with all my confidence.

Thank you very much for your reading my strange sentence .