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Takahashi MT-130 in good conditions !! with Original Catalog

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* This MT-130 has wounds on OTA Tube ( not some) ,so this price is $100,USD cheaper than previous MT-130.


Anyway, MT-130 is nice scope for planet ( Jupiter, Saturn ),  I also have MT-130 ,so sometimes I have been comparing to Mewlon 250.

Japan is relatively in bad seeing country.So, there is rarely Mewlon 250 ,better ,but usually MT-130 and Mewlon 250's Jupoter is


After all, MT-130 will be excellent reflector .


As feature of all MT series, common point is support of sub-mirror. Pole type.

Now, normally sub-mirror support is Vane type ( Takahashi prepared Vane type as option for MT-160,200.

However, for  MT-130, no Vane system by Takahashi.

Point is (MT-130,160) even if it is pole type , enough strength .

When we do adjustment of sub-mirror, never feel weakness.

Support of sub-mirror is stable,so when we adjust 1 time, seldom out of order.    It is MT-130 .


Telescope doesn't depend on only dameter. when I watch MT-130 , always I think so.     


This time, EMS system I used for exporting before 's status ,I will explain.

EMS system was managed by Japan Post office management.

EMS system is one which used Passanger airplane 's spacce of baggage of the passenger...

So, fee was cheap. ( To the USA , until275cm, 30kg)

When Corona began to spread,  number of passenger airplane decreased ....( or disappeared)

EMS (Japanese post office )stopped accepting baggage for 1 ~1.5 years.

Since about 2 years ago, EMS restarted ,but this time, EMS is takng ( Special additional charging fee ). ---> shipping fee increased twofold. 

When now I use EMS , more expensive than UPS percel fee ( Now I am using ).

In addition to it, still waiting at Nagoya airport for 1 month or more ( Telescope BOX is big) 

Situation is same.... < This is like fraud.....>

I think Japanese Post office never Stop requirment of ( Special additional charging fee ) forever......

Because already Nodody trust EMS any more ( Japanese).

So, maybe small number people will use EMS now. (for only very small BOX)

Japanese Post office 's money loss will be big by Corona.  I imagine Japanese Post office will be continueing tring to get back money loss. Even if status will come back it before corona................


However, Japanese government do nothing for EMS problem.(No help )

Normally, Corona problem must be covered by Japanese government,but Japanese government    

doesn't seem to move.  ( many years ago, Japanese Post office was one of Japanese goverment's organization.

In other words, Japanese government forsaked EMS ( Japanese government ). < Of coursem I don't know reason ).

For this reason, I can't use EMS ( maybe forever).

I troubled 2 members who bought Telescopescope 3 years ago.

Here, I want to appologize ......


So, from BOX size problem, Only MT-130, I can ship. ( MT-160, impossible). < Over size of the BOX>

Of course, if I use normal UPS, DHL, Fedex, possible,but shipping fee become far expensive than Telescope price.


Corona changed exporting system of Japan..   Who imagined Corona?


Today I think there will be some people who is thinking  of  EMS 's situation .so explained. 

First, Japanese Post office ( EMS ) accepted baggage even if they can't export soon.

( for example, 1 month or more , waiting at Nagoya airport ,  ).



1, main mirror-------------------  Like NEW, No wounds including hair line

2, Sub-mirror -------------------- Like New

3, Focuser ---------------------------smooth, like New ( My maintenance)

4, OTA Tube ------------------------- No dent ,but there are  some ( about 3 )  marks touch up painted. ( small area , so not remarkable)

5, Cast part---------------------------- Like New

6,6X30 finder ------------------------Optics ,beautiful, OTA tube has some marks from touch ip painted ( part screws hit, this is not aboidable)

7, Clamshell --------------------------- In Mint Condition;


Selling contents; --------------------------

1, Takahashi MT-  130 (S/N; 94037) with original .965 AD, all ring,tube

2, Takahashi 6X30 finder scope with bracket

3, Takahashi 1.25' eyepiece AD ( New one)

6, Takahashi 1.25' centring eyepiece (for adjustment of collimating)

7,Takahashi Clamshell for MT-130

8, Vixen WT plate (new one)

9, Good condition original Manual (rare)

10, all tools, bolts

11, Takahashi MT-100.130 Original Catalog ( real one ) --rare...

1 year guarantee 


My Price; $ 530,USD + UPS percel fee + PayPal fee (5%)

* UPS percel fee; 

1, To the USA --------------- $198,USD ------------- Total; $530,USD +$198,USD ( UPS ) + $36,USD ( PayPal fee)= $ 764,USD < Total fee, >

2, to the  Europe ------------$ 231,USD ---------------Total; $530,USD +$231,USD ( UPS) + $ 38,USD (PayPal fee)= $ 799,USD < Total fee>


This MT-130 ; there are mark from touch up painted ,but except it, very good.

If there is member who don't mindit, I can recommend.

Thank you for looking !