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Vintage Comet Catcher Jr. Showroom Condition!!

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HA, wow! I didn't know these 125mm f/1000mm reflectors ever existed; that is, not until I bought one off a fellow stargazer leaving the hobby some 7 years ago. This is probably the rarest of the Cometron family and one of the most desirable, especially since it incorporates an all metal 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser. The knobs on the focuser are just like the ones on your Celestron/Vixen C80s-100s. All great quality and pretty smooth operating. Another noteworthy feature of this particular model is that you get the super nice, sharp-resolving Vixen 6x30 finder; in blue! It is not like the smaller 24mm Cometron finders, which are nice believe it or not, but too dim on aperture. 6mm of lens gain really does make a difference at these small sizes!
This Comet Catcher Jr. wasn't really brought back from the dead, it was just dusty and grimy almost to the point that it'd stick to your hand like a sticky note. Over time, it has been taken apart (meticulously) and cleaned in a sterile environment with only distilled water, super fine microfiber cloths, and the proper lens cleaning solutions. The mirrors, internal barlow, and finder lenses are virtually mint. The front plate glass is in showroom condition; sporting no chips, cracking, broke edges, or nasty scratches. It does have one very small region of swirl marks, but your Comet Catcher mirror sees right passed this! Focuser telescopes efficiently with plenty of travel for all plossl focal lengths and has no icky play or extreme resistance to movement.

Ok, now I know what you're thinkin' as you look at my photos. Yup, I did remove the upper glass plate mounting assembly. Why? Well believe it or not, the legend is false; that is NOT A CORRECTOR PLATE. It has no resolving properties whatsoever, it is merely a gigantic dust filter, and it can really get in the way when needing to reach the secondary mirror collimation screws. Why Vixen did this is way beyond my brain, but I tested the Cometron with and without this glass and nothing changes. Plus, when you set it in front of your face and move it back and forth, images near and distant remain unchanged.
And of course, as my profile suggest, I am an avid collector of vintage equipment. Thus, I did not toss this glass away; that would be a down right shame! The glass has been very carefully stored and the large, hard-plastic glass plate retaining ring with the thin rubber seal and all the screws will be included in this sale; just not mounted unless you want me to before shipment. The glass really does keep out the dusties, but it will very lightly jiggle while the ota is being moved. It is a very common flaw in these designs. Plus the glass plate is not coated so you LOSE LIGHT on seeing dim objects.

Dust plate off, this is a great low-to-medium power reflector. Plossls of all kinds work very well. I use GSOs, Nexstars, Silvertops, Ultimas, and the older, nicer SP 4000s in this Comet Catcher Jr. with no issues. Little travel that you do have with these Cometrons, the built-in barlow makes focus "snap" in and out very nicely. My favorite objects in this little dude are the Double Clusters and M11.

Condition of this Comet Catcher is top notch and complete. Aside from missing the dovetail base set screw (the large, flattop screw that holds the finder stalk to the ota), this is a 100% complete setup. All the screws, bolts, washers, and adapters are present. All the caps for all the apertures are present. And guess what? I have the ORIGINAL CELESTRON COMETRON BOX WITH STOCK STYROFOAM! The box has some stains, but hey dude/dudette, it's the original box! As for the finder base set screw mentioned earlier, I will have a direct replacement for you via my good friend Don Rothman. I will make sure it is the exact fitting set screw and then this Comet Catcher Jr. will be a complete deal. No frowns, all smiles!

Shipping will be done with the original box being used. BUT, we will heavily wrap the original box several times, then cradle it with industrial tape so that the box is shock and dent proof, and you won't have tape adhesives damaging the rare box. AND you won't be paying to put a box in a box.
If wishing to use paypal, I kindly ask you please add 3% or 4% for all those cool stargazers in other nations. US checks are welcome as well. Good luck.