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152 mm f/8 Triplet ED OTA for only $ 2,790.00

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US $ 2,990.00 include worldwide shipping

delivery from stock at APM,

approved quality by APM-Telescopes

NEW:  PHOTOLINE 152 mm f/8 Triplet APO - 3,7" RPA focuser
 PHOTOLINE 152mm f/8 Triplet APO Refractor

The Triplet-objective offers a color-defect free image up to very highest magnification factor due to two APO elements (FK61 and LANTHAN). The lenses are mounted in temperature-compensated cells. The well dimensioned 3,7" focuser with micro-gear reduction and integrated 50mm extension allows the adaptation of all customary correctors and reducers for astrophotography.

Range of application of the PHOTOLINE 8" f/8 Apo:

This Apo is particularly versatile with very good performance in each discipline, for example:

  • Astrophotography:The chromatic aberration-free image of the Triplet objective provides clear and fine stars without blue fringing. Even bright stars appear clear and defined. Due to the 3,7"  RPA focusers all customary correctors and reducers can be adapted via the connection thread; as a result Astro-cameras with very large sensors can be used.

  • Visual observation:The moderate f-ratio of f/8 provides all options for astronomical observation. With high focal-length 2" eyepieces for example you achieve a field of view of roughly 2,5° on the sky, which equals 5x full moons next to each other, giving you a true Rich-field refractor. At a magnification of 450x you can enjoy a contrast-rich image, as can only be achieved by a apochromatic refractor. Every Apo can be used for planetary observation, in most cases the earth´s atmosphere limits the image resolution.

The PHOTOLINE 152mm f/8 Triplet APO´s optics:
We have made it our goal to present a true alternative to the popular FPL-53 Triplet objectives. The color correction is significantly better compared to 2-element APO- and ED objectives. We have achieved this goal with this objective. Combinining the two ED glas-types FK-61 and Lanthan with a third partner glas allows the reduction of chromatic aberration to a minimum. Even ambitioned amateur astronomiers will excited about the clear and contrast-rich image this telescope provides. The multi-coated objective is mounted within a temperature-compensated cell.

The 3,7" RPA focuser
One of the telescope´s highlights is its 3.7" focuser with its Rack & Pinion adjustment mechanism. The focuser´s quality is very similar to the famour Feather-Touch focusers by Starlight Instruments. The large dimensioned focuser also allows the use of full-format and large-format cameras without vignetting, given the right corrector.

  • Adjustment via rack gearing - no friction - no unintended shifting as with Crayford focusers.
  • Interior baffles against reflexes
  • Free diameter: 102 mm
  • Adjustment range of focuser tube: 98 mm
  • 360°-rotation for optimal choice of your FOV
  • Self-centering 2"- and 1,25"-adapter for correct clamping on the optical axis.
  • Connection-thread for photographic adaptations: M100x1 female thread, M92x1 female thread, M68x1 ZEISS Level female thread
  • Extreme backfocus up to 210 mm possible, which allows for the use of bino-viewers or extreme correctors.

Recommendable astrophotography correctors for this PHOTOLINE Apo

TSFLAT25Del - without focal length change:
The TS-Optics PHOTOLINE 1.0 APO full format flattener directly fits the M68x1 female thread. The backfocus starting from the M48x0,75 thread is 55mm.

TSRED379 focal length reducer 0,79x
The TS-Optics PHOTOLINE image field correctors and focal length reducers directly fits the M68x1 female thread. The backfocus starting from the M48x0,75 thread is 55mm. The focal ratio is improved to f/6,32 and the focal length is reduced to 960mm.
In the box:
  • Photoline APO - optical tube
  • CNC tube rings and Losmandy Level dovetail
  • Handle
  • TSSUBA finder scope shoe

Type of telescope:
3 elements glass with airspace
2 APO Elements - FK61 and Lanthan
152 mm
Focal length:
Limit value:
12.7 mag
Max. useful visual power:
300 x
3,7" RPA Photoline focuser with dual speed transmission
Tube diameter:
Dewcap diameter:
186 mm
Tube diameter / Length:
156mm/1120mm (Dew cap inserted)
Tube weight:
28.6 lb
Eyepiece adapter:
to 2" and 1.25"