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NEW PRICE!!! 1970's Towa 80mm FL f/15 Refracting Telescope

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Vintage Towa 80mm Diameter 1200mm FL f/15 Model 339 Refracting Telescope
This is a vintage Towa 80mm f/15 refracting telescope, probably from the 1970's, and the condition is near mint condition. Aside from some marks on the tripod legs, and marks on the accessory box, it appears to have had little to no use.
The objective lens and all the eyepieces are in perfectly clean condition, no fogging, no scratches, and the eyepieces include their plastic cases and the original eyepiece bags. The same with the 2X Barlow, the right angle prism diagonal, and the erect image prism, they look like new.
The objective lens has collimation adjustments, something you only find it the most expensive refracting telescopes.
Included are:
SR 4mm eyepiece (300x), magnification is higher than the theoretical limit of an 80mm telescope
HM 6mm eyepiece (200x), at limit of an 80mm telescope
HM 9mm eyepiece (133x)
HV 12.5mm eyepiece (96x)
KE 22mm eyepiece (55x)
Erect image prism
90 degree diagonal prism
2x Barlow
Solar projection screen with hanger bar
Lighted accessory tray (light bulb is broken)
RA and Declination slow motion cables with knobs
80mm lens cap
80mm dew shield
Moon filter
Sun filter (Do NOT use this filter, for collectable use only, read below)
Original 6X30 finder scope and bracket
Original accessory box
The focuser is 0.965" and very massive with a long and strong extendable draw-tube. I am including an adapter to go from .965 to 1.25" eyepieces. 1.25" is the standard of today.
There are only two negatives of this telescope, both are cosmetic only. First is that the focuser gears are rather worn. The teeth do not mesh well resulting in some "skip" of the teeth when focusing. Eventually the telescope will need new gears. It is still usable, but you need to get used to the skipping in the teeth to get a crisp focus.The other negative is that the RA cable thumbscrew is broken off, but is attached to the shaft and it works perfectly. If you want, you can remove it with an easy-out, or leave it because it's totally functional anyways.
TOWA was one of the top Japanese optics maker of the post-war Japan. Many are still around today. This is a quality refractor of superb quality, made in Japan at a time when they made exceptional f/15 refractors. The larger 80mm aperture is far far better than the common 60mm f/15 refractors of the time. There is much more light gathering power. Star images are pinpoint and it shows great star color.
This would also make for a nice solar telescope, but you will need to provide your own solar filters. The solar filter included with this telescope is for collectable purposes only, as these filters are NOT adequate for safe solar observing despite the knowledge at the time of their manufacture.
There is 1 screw missing on the cradle closing device, an easy fix.
The wood case for the telescope is missing.
The rubber pads are missing from the bottom of each tripod leg.
Included is a like new 1.25" diagonal for your use!!!

Selling for $300.00 + $50.00 shipping and insurance + $9.00 for the PayPal fee if using PP.     PENDING!!!!