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80mm Doublet Achromat by Goto Optical Laboratory with equatorial mount

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GOTO INC known in Japan as the " NOBLE COMPANY" has had a parallel history to Zeiss Jena. It is a scientific Instrumets manufacturer known more for their Planitaruims than just telescope making.
These telescopes do not tend to leave Japan often as they are highly prised by the Japanese due to their high quality.
Telescopes made by GOTO INC were produced for the local Japanese market and not for export, as such their quality is in a higher category than products made for export such as Nihon Seiko, (Unitron) Royal Optics Japan and the such. GOTO is an instrument manufacturer and that is what they made, an instrument.

The optics:
Spherical is virtualy non existent. colour is incredibly difficult to see but it is there at extreme magnifications for experienced eyes.
The star test similar to a Zeiss Telementor 63 I used to own with perfect diffraction patterns.
The contrast is blinding giving planets an etched look with no spilled light or hint of vageries. The view through this telescope easilly outperformed a nearby 80mm triplet with FPL53. the 1700.00 modern triplet had a washed out contrast in comparison with some fluff typical for a good Chinese made APO. The GOTO on the other hand had a clearly grown up images of Jupiter and Saturn. I would contribute this to the old world old fasioned micro polishing of lenses. 
The planetary images are reminesent to the Nikon ED100 I own with reduced brightness due to the aperture differnece.
The finderscope and bracket are unlike the flimsy ones found on Unitrons, Sears and Tasco
The mount is made of Steel, heavy and robust with smoothness of motion that current mass manufacturers would do well to learn from.
Everything is in original condtion, the telescope includes the original wooden case including the original cardboard boxes. 

Serious inquiries only please.
Price shown is in USD add 3% for paypal