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APM EMS SD-Apo Bino 140mm F/7 Telescope > in stock

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APM EMS SD-Apo Bino 140mm F/7 Telescope

1 pc in stock
2x APM Doublet SD Apo 140 f / 7 FPL53 special optical tube for Bino application

Every single APM 140 f / 7 tube convinces with its high performance. Both SD tubes have a Doublet optic with SD glass, one lens of which is FPL-53. This new innovative combination results in a color correction that is far beyond the usual in this price category. Before assembly and shipping, each optic we make an interferometric test at 532nm (green). Thus, APM guarantees for this Bino telescope an extremely high quality and, for both lenses, a congruent quality.
The instrument comes with two solid 3.7 inch focusers from APM Telescopes.

The advantages over a telescope with Bino as a beam splitter
The beam splitting in the standard Bino approach is technically lost performance. Not only does the image get darker, it also reduces sharpness and contrast. Not so, if you use two parallel telescopes as Bino. Although the picture is not brighter than a telescope and with one eye, but the contrast perception and achievable visual resolution increases significantly. This is particularly evident in DeepSky objects, such as galaxies and nebulae, which can now be seen much more vividly (almost 3D-dimensionally) and with a significant amount of detail.
The biggest advantage of this double refractor in comparison with a binocular is certainly that no double images are generated. Every person "peers" more or less with his eyes and that makes it difficult to observe with a Bino. Under unfavorable conditions (our brain) creates double images again and again. What is less critical during the day is that one sees all the more with point-like objects (possibly also with moon or planets) at night. Matsumoto's precise and ingenious eye fusion allows you to observe without double images.
The special feature of the 140mm Bino SD APO:
  • Very high quality and convincingly good optical quality
  • 2x colorless optics with FLP53 glass
  • 2x precise APM 3.7 "focuser  1:10 reduction
  • With f / 7 ideal for visual observations
  • CNC clamps
  • handles
  • Ergonomic prisms by Matsumoto (for image erection)
  • suitable for 2 "and 1.25" eyepieces

When constructing a large binocular from two telescope tubes, there are some important problems that must all be solved. This includes the following points:
  • Absolute parallelism of the two optical axes
  • Simple adjustment of the two pictures, individual adjustable on both eyes
  • Adjustable eye relief of the two optical axes
  • Sensitive focusing, because with such a Bino can easily use the entire magnification
  • Terrestrial image erection
  • High sharpness and lossless contrast transmission
So, watching is really fun. Both instruments are screwed tight and fixed on a sturdy mount. A real treat for all visual observers !!!
In the box:
  • 2x 140mm APM APO Refractors
  • 2x APM 3.7" focuser
  • Wood fork mount
  • Matsumoto EMS UXL2" deluxe erecting Mirror System
  • Tuberings
  • Handles
For safety reasons we ship the device on a pallet.