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RAR " LZOS 150 mm f/900 mm triplet Fluorite Apo

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This is one of the triplet Apos, made just before TMB was involved.

only 5 pc of this telescopes have been manufactored ever. 2 of them used Fluorite ( real CaF2) and 3 used our todays Super ED

the optical design is a triplet wide airspaced Fluorite Triplet, where the Fluorite element is the center protected element. Even the Fluorite element is here multicoated.

Colorcorrection of this very fast triplet fluorite is same perfect as our todays 6"F/8 TMB

Strehl is not as high as todays longer f-ratio modells, but it is in the 94% strehl range and dam good for such very fast big triplet fluorite.

The Tube is one of our older modells, same as we made that days in 1997 for Aries Fluorite Apos with removable dewshield , set of tuberings and giant 4" rack and pinion focuser. Also includet a modern 8 x 50 finderscope.

the optics are clean but have several faint cosmetical slicks , outside from cleaning, inside from difficulties of polishing the fluorite surfaces. But this does not effect the visual performance and do not degrate over the years. The scope is already about 8 years old and show of course some minor paint problems, but not bad at all. Only thew tuberings may need a new black paint job. Nothing worser then somebody could expect after 8 years of use.

The lenses are mounted in a super high quality temp. compensation cell

the total lenght of the scope include its baffle dew shield is only 960 mm or 37.8 inches

the production of this scopes have been stopped after the first 5 samples due its ultra high manufactoring cost, today such scope beeing made again would go into the $ 15,000 range about.

we took the scope today in trade and offering it now again for the trade in price of US $ 5,990 plus shipping ( Euro 4.600 plus shipping inside of Europe )

the scope can be used with binoviewer.

the collimation/centering is dead on perfect, showing a clean crisp pur white airydisc

the scope was in these old days somewhat heavy build, 25 kg, but on customer wish we can lighten it very much for a few extra $

so if you like a superb fast 6"F/6 real Calcium Fluorite Apo and you are not worried about a few cosmetical problems, than you can get it here for a bargain

we can ship it worldwide

Markus Ludes