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Rare !! Vixen 120S Telescope in really excellent conditions like New !!

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PRICE REDUCED!   1380,USD ----------- 1180,USD!! bargain!  

I think This interesting style Achromat Scope , by all means I want to recommend.

Spec;  D=120mm, FL=800mm, F=6.6(6.7)                                    * 10/March I added more 1 picture 
weight ; 5.5kg ( except 7X50 finder,bracket ) ********           < I brought my poor web-site about 120S back for detaies impression 
                                                                                                                 I made in 2019 year . Please watch , the members who is intrested in 120S >
Length ; 110cm 

I think 120S is Best refractor in all Vixen refractors in addition to classic Fluorite refractors .   Anyway Wounderful Telescope . ( Vixen sold about 1998~ 2000 year ,short term in Japan) in Japan, super rare scope

This 120S's performance, < to be honest > ( especially separative power is as good as FS128.....) when I watched first 120S , I was really surprised
it's performance ( achromat,so there is color aberration )
Also, at back side, there is flatten lens ( I know 120S -3 OTA by this 120S , from my memory, 1r'st one has triplet type flatten lens , 
2n'd and this has doublet type flatten lens.
This is strange story,but it is fact.

When I watch part built in flatten lens , there is possible depth to use triplet lens ,so This is my hypothesis,
Vixen ,first, tried to adopt by triplet lens as examination, and compared ( triplet lens and doublet lens as flatten lens ), and
By doublet type , enough , so almost 120S will have 2 separated lens asflatten lens.......................................... 

Vixen designed 120S for only visual (Because, 120S is achromat , so color aberration ( blue) is problem for imaging .
This point, different from PENTAX scopes.

As optical lens style, 120S is same as ( New type) NA 120S WT.   ( Structure of OTA tube , changed . i think perhaps from thinking cost)
I asked Vixen about 120S and NA 120S to Vixen before ,but I couldn't get clear answer...............

I think this 120S and NA 120S has similar scope, but maybe Optics will be different.
Personally,I think 120S will be superior ................

This time, No planet ( Jupiter, Saturn) ,so as test ( adjustment of Focuser ) I watched Sirius, Rigel.
( By previous 120S, I watched Jupiter, Saturn )

At high magnification, afrer all, color aberration can be seen.
however( rarely I met fine seeing ) Sirius, Rigel can be watched very very beautiful.
Perfect lens collimation. 
Everyone will be surprised it's sharpness!!

I think this scope will best for double star, Planet .  ( by it's high resolution ability)
Vixen is interesting maker which make such adventurous scope.
Before, there was AD-Vixen company.
I don't know how relationship exactly between Vixen and AD-Vixen  

Recent Vixen's technieque of achromat is really great .  This is also my imagination.
Vixen has been pursuing ultimate Achromat?

I know there are a lot of Vixen lovers.  For such members , by all means  I want Vixen lovers to  add this 120S.
Vixen = Classic Fluorite. In addition to Fluorite, Vixen made such great scope which  other maker can't imitate absolutely.

For 120S, Like Televue Ethos ( wide view field ) exclusive eyepiece will be best,too. 
120S has flattenlens,so Excellent space, can be seen.


1, Objective lens ;  Like New ( by my picture, can't be expressed ) beautiful.
2, OTA Tube ------- Unbelievably No scracthes ,no mark from tube holder ,like New ( paiting is of course, original)

3, Focuser--------- I adjusted , smooth, no back lash, like New

4, 7x50 finder --------- Optics beautiful.

< About this 120S, only Cap of top and WT plate have mark of touch up painted ,others are all no scratches, no mark from touch up painted.>  

Selling contents;

1, Vixen 120S with standard rings , extensition tube(43mm)

2, Vixen 7X50 finder bracket ( 120S standard accessories )

3, Vixen 1.25' AD ( New one)
4, Vixen SX 2 inch AD (New one)
5, all tools,bolts 
1 year gurantee 

My asking price ; $1180,USD + UPS fee +PayPal fee (5%)

---- BOX size ; 160cm ( limit)

UPS fee 

1, To the USA ------------------------------------ $217,USD
2,             Europe ---------------------------------$ 253,USD

120S isn't normal achromat scope. has great performance.

I can recommend to Vixen Lovers who knows Telescope very well.

Please consider it.  ( nerver be disapoiinted)

Thank you for looking