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Takahashi Classic FC-100 (MC) with wooden case, Optics ,excellent !!

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Price Down ; $2100,USD --------------> $1998,USD 

Beautiful !!
When I watched Sirius by this FC-100 (MC) after all my maintenance, I was impressed .................

FC-100 (MC) is after a long absence, so was I impressed ?  Possibly, I think it's different................
I am thinking that vanity taste ( optical performance) depends on each person's eye.........

Before, there was such Japanese person who said, TSA102 's vanity taste is similar to FS-102 .......
I can't believe such thing.   This story , for visual, will express difference from each person's eye......

By the way, from the past, I have been thinking  ( Takahashi FC-100 ,MC's coating is different from each one.

This FC-100's coating is thin green color........... please watch my past classifies.
Previous FC-100 (MC) 's coating color is thick green.
This is ; I think when It was FC-100 (MC) period, Takahashi was trying various MC coating for Best MC coating........
Perhaps it will be fact.

FC-100(MC) --------> FC-100(F)-----------> FS-102.

Personally, for Takahashi, the most biggest subject was coating. I am thinking so.
So, in case of FC-100 (MC) , each objective lens's coating will be different.

Coating will be very profound thing, I alwyas think so.
To protect,others, for lens , coating is absolutely needed.
Japan is for the time being, industorial country.   So, to make manufacture , there are innumerable very small factories for big Company.
When I was young, as electric enginner, I went in and out relatively big Lens abrasion factory.

My friend was working there, so I was taught from him.  < My company is making ( polishing) lens for Canon, Nikon, and so on>
It 's company was polishing relatively big lens ,,,,so maybe it's  big lens were for Long focal length Tele-photo lens .
So, I know how to be polished lens .  Lens are all ( there are exception) by machine ( robot).  
I know Lens polishing company very well, but unfortunately I don't know only it.

Also, what Today I think is ; For Takahashi , and all users , by FC-100(MC) , already completed for visual ?

This FC-100 (MC) is such Telescope which has great power to impress observer..............
This is not for wanting sale.   This is fact. 

Only, (maybe) there will be person which can understand it , and can't understand it.  However, surely, for my eyes,
This FC-100( MC ) has very excellent optics .


1, Objective lens ( FC-100) ----------- beautiful like New. Lens collimation, perfect

2, Focuser----------------------------------Like New like silk smooth. No back lash
3, OTA, Dew shield tube------------------ unfortunately there are 3 only 1mm area touch up painted

4,7X50 finder scope--------------------------- Optics ;beautiful, OTA tube 2 points ( 1mm) mark from touch up painted

5, 114S Clamshell ------------------------------ almost good. beautiful

< Generally, I think beautiful scope, this FC-100(F) > 

Selling Contents;

1, Takahashi FC-100 MC ( S/N; 90113) OTA with .965 eyepiece adapter
2, Takahashi 7X50 finder scope ( with 2 caps)
3, Takahashi lighting system 
4, Takahashi 114S Clamshell

5, Takahashi 1.25 AD (New
6, Takahashi 2 inch adapter( KP-27110 ) ------------------* This adapter looks fade,but my same KP-27110 is same color,so I think
there were 2 type color about KP-27110

7, Takahashi wooden BOX for FC-100 

8, Manual ( my translation ,only important page)

1 year guarantee 

My asking price ; $1998,USD + UPS fee ,+ PayPal fee (5%).

This time, for sending out , I will use plastic plate on BOX to protect wooden BOX. 

BOX size; 160cm ( limit)

UPS fee;

1, To the USA------------------------ $ 217,USD
2, To the Europe --------------------$ 253,USD

Please consider it.

Thank you for looking