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Takahashi TOA-130NFB Ortho-Apochromatic 130mm Triplet Refractor OTA Only - 4 inch focuser NEW IN BOX

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This Takahashi triplet TOA-130 is the first of the Ortho-Apochromat Series.

This 21st century innovation employs a newly designed triplet using special elements to produce the highest order of color correction, hence the name Ortho-Apochromat and is packaged in a short 32” tube with the lens shade retracted.

This instrument is offered with the 4" focuser and built –in camera angle adjuster.

The high order of color correction of the Ortho-Apochromat Series produces images with saturated color and thanks to the numerous knife-edged baffles, an image with amazing contrast.

The TOA-130 is perfect for visual, CCD and photo imaging. The f/7.7 focal ratio with a 1000mm focal length is long enough, using the LE-ED 2.8mm Takahashi ocular, for high magnification observations of the Moon and planets and yet will produce a 2.5° field at 20x when used with the Takahashi flat field LE-50 2 “ ocular. Ample back focus, over 200mm from the rear cell, has been designed in to permit the user to use a variety of CCD cameras, color filter wheels and electronic focusers or film cameras.

The Triplet Double-ED Objective

The apochromatic triplet (double-ED objective with front and rear elements of FPL-53) (D=130mm, F=1000mm, F/D 7,7) is assembled in an extremely neat and precise barrel mechanical, entirely adjustable. Collimation is easy to realize and makes it possible to adapt perfectly the optical stresses to the conditions of observation or imaging. The tube has a retractable dewshield.

The two versions S and F are equipped exactly with same optics. Only the rack-and-pinion focuser differs.

The TOA-130F rack-and-pinion focuser

The balancing counterweight cradle and the removable extension tube for focuser are not necessary on the F version because the rack-and-pinion focuser, alike FSQ, is much more massive (102mm of diameter). A camera angle adjuster is delivered, included in the focuser. Thanks to this configuration, the F version is resolutely turned towards imaging. It allows more rigid imaging assemblies in particular with CCD cameras of big size, without generating mechanical stresses. Last but not least, this focuser enables it to accept some of the specific accessories of the TOA-150, such as the 645-RD reducer or the 67-FL flattener which offers an incredible image circle of 88mm diameter (60% not vignetted).  



Optical Tube Assembly only (mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately).




Aperture:  130mm
Focal Length:  1000mm / 754mm w/ reducer
Focal Length w/ flattener:  999mm
Focal Ratio:  F/7.7
Focal Ratio:  F/5.8 w/ reducer
Focal Ratio:  F/7.68 w/ flattener
Image circle     Ø92mm
Backfocus from end of OTA:  256mm +
Tube Diameter     155mm / 179 mm w/ dew shield
Tube Length     812mm w/ adapters removed
Diameter of dew shield     179mm
Dew shield     Retractable
Tube Weight     10kg (22lb)