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This just in from our friends at TEC! Check out the production update below:

"New APO140FL got the first "light" in double pass auto-collimation yesterday. It passed the test easily.

I also had chance to compare an Airy disc of the FL vs ED. It is more white in FL version. The Airy disc of FL is a Sirius-like, when ED's is a Sun-like.

Will you see the difference? It will not be easy under the stars, a high power mangification ~ 490X (2 mm Vixen EP) was used in near ideal environment of test room.

The photo shows two young attractive people who made optics.

Production of the first batch of 20 is continuing."



Reserve a production slot for this incredible telescope today at!



The APO140 FL is TEC’s first production model of apochromatic refractor and it is the best seller telescope, since the beginning in 2002 about 600 telescopes have been sold.

The scope has number of features that are rarely found together in one scope:

  • Compact, lightweight tube assembly with retractable baffle and precision adjustable tube rings.
  • Case for telescope has “carry-on” dimensions for most airlines.
  • Telescope objective being “oiled triplet” by design transmits more light than any other type of objectives; the combination of “oiled” design and modern coating makes lenses almost invisible.
  • Precision rotatable focuser with coarse and fine focusing, with 2”eyepiece holder.
  • The focuser features a specially designed collet made of metal which is not sensitive to temperature and holds loads with high precision when concentricity of focuser tube and axis of the eyepiece or camera attained automatically by definition.


Clear aperture: 5.5” / 140 mm

Focal length: 980 mm

Focal ratio: 7.0 Image scale 3.5 arc min/mm

Resolution (theor.): 0.8 arc sec

Focuser TEC: 4” / 96mm ID

Eyepiece holder: 2” Collet type (no plastic parts)

Focusing range: 4.5” / 114 mm

One turn focus travel: Coarse 18.3 mm

Fine (small knob): 1.8 mm

Back focus distance: 6.70” / 170 mm

Focuser load capacity: 12 lb / 5.5kg

Tube assembly diameter: 5.9” / 150 mm

Dew shield dimeter:. 7.0” / 178 mm

OTA length (shortest): 34” / 860 mm

OTA weight: 19 lb / 8.6 kg (for tube ring add 2lb)

Weight with case: 18 lb / 8.2 kg incl. keys