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TMB Apo 203 mm F/7 w. Matthias CNC Tube

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a customer here in germany wanted to buy it, but good health problems due transporting his heavy mount in and out, so he have had to pass on the confirme dpurchase.

Due that the sale is up for sale again. The lens of this big and very fast apo is above 97 %

TMB-Apo 203mm/1420mm CNC-LW II Model Matthias Wirth Version.
The TMB 203mm f/7 Apo is our new large imaging machine. Soon a matched field flattener for up to 6x7cm film format will follow. TMB Optical again did a superlative job in designing this large color free Apo, even given the challenge of its very fast speed. LZOS did a stunning job implementing this lens within these design parameters. The image quality and color correction of this new fast model are so exceptional that you can utilize similar visual magnification as with our famous f/9 model. We recently had a wonderful first light experience with this new model. Mars was pushed up to 500x with great sharpness and contrast. The Veil Nebula was viewed with great detail under moderately light polluted sky without any nebula filter, all thanks to the great contrast. The tube rings are flat on both sides and offer five tapped 1/4-20 inch holes perpendicular to the tube line with one centered. The middle two hole's center to center spacing is 60mm (2.362") and outer two hole's spacing is 3.2" (Astro-Physics standard) This Matthias Wirth model is even lighter in weight than our CNC-LW II model. The decrease in weight was made from the focuser side, and results in a very front heavy tube. It is, however, an exceptionally transportable 8" f/7 TMB Apo

Delivered With Order:
• Optical tube
• 3.5" Starlight focuser
• Set CNC tube rings
• 2" Extension 80 mm long
• 2"/1.25" adapter
• 50mm finder bracket

• Tube outside diameter 206 mm = 8.11 inch
• Dew shield outside diameter 272 mm = 10.71 inch
• Weight - Optical tube, 3.5" focuser, finder bracket, tube rings : 23.00 kg = 50.60 lbs
• shortest length for transportation : dew shield retracted, with focuser racked fully in: 1,220 mm = 48.03 inch
• Observing length with extendet dew shield : 1,450 mm = 57,09 inch

Manufacturer: TMB
Delivery Time: in stock
Model: TMB 203/1420 CNC M.W.
Aperture: 203mm
Focal length: 1420mm
F-ratio: f/6.9

Price if special ordered US $ 23,990

Top of today price for the stocking Unit : US $ 19,500 Ex Germany, which is a nice 20% discount for high strehl lens and no wait time :-)

Serious Interested ? Drop me a email


Markus Ludes