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VIXEN FL-80S ( new version type)

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( this FL-80S is evolution model ).

This type VIXEN FL-80S is my first exhibition ..
In case of the VIXEN, ( mainly) all FL- telescopes sold with Mount.( especially, previous model) 

1, First version of FL-80S was sold with SP mount ( Super polaris mount).
2, later version of FL-80S ( this one) was sold with GP (GPD) mount  ( Great polaris mount)
In Japan, having many numbers seem to be Fisrt version ,FL-80S.with small focuser.
Moreover, when I see Astromart my selling document, this FL-80S 's shape ( especially about lens cell) is not same type.
Very rare version of FL-80S . I think .
VIXEN would develop OTA ( FL telescopes ) and Mount ( SP, GP) concurrently......

This time, I could compare this New type FL-80S to previous type FL-80S . This is like miracle !! ( Now, by chance ,I have both of them )
I watched Serius by 2 FL-80Ss at the same time ( on EM-200 mount ) at the same night, alternately  .
Used eyepieces were, Takahashi LE-18mm, Abbe 9mm, Televue Radian 4mm. ( always I can trust the result using Televue Radian 4mm eyepieces).

* Result;  for normal eyes like mine , couldn't distinguish which is newer ...?

By Both of them , Serius showed me very very beautlful image ( including in foocusing, out focusing).with very sharpness !

If I am allowed to say , VIXEN added large improvement for Mount ( SP ount--> GP Mount), but
However, VIXEN didn't increase large improvement.( To FL-80S ) 

( Big difference were , adopted big focuser possible to use 2 inch diagonal, eyepiece, and removable finderscope).

I think , used Telescope , it's is like relationship with a person and person.
Even If a person has money, without relationship , it's person won't buy it's classic Telescoes. Or, If he can  buy, many times will be needed to meet the Telescope..........

In other words, now there will be a Telescope lover who is looking for VIXEN FL-80S somewhere in the world...
( this is the case ,he won't mind if the FL-80S has 2 inch type),

I think his choice will be OK for both of them.  < classic Type ,FL-80S, or new type, FL-80S >  

--------------------------  Here, Specification of both of ( Previous typ
e, this new type)

1,  Used Optical glass ---------- perfectly same  ------- D=80mm FL=640mm

2, weight;   (1) previous type ( with small focusuer) -------- 3.0kg ( * with my origial tube holders)
                    (2) new type ( with 2 inch focuser) -----------------2.8 kg ( *with my original tube holders   
3, Length ; (1) previous type( with small focuser) -----------690mm ( until 1.25' AD )
                    (2) new type ( with 2 inch focuser) ----------------670mm ( until 1.25'AD)

4, * Only, inner mat paintng is more exclusive than it's of previous type
This FL-80S has big 2 inch focuser,so I  prepared full accesories.---------------------- later I will writte

1, Objective lens------------- beautiful 
2, OTA tube---------------------beautiful
3, Focuser----------------------like New
4, VIXEN original tube holders -----New

5, Tube accesories ------------all beautiful
6, VIXEN original BOX ----- conditions; good
7, VIXEN 6X30 finder ------ beautiful

Selling contents;

1, VIXEN FL-80S with 6X30 F, 1.25' tube
2, VIXEN 90mm tube ring X2 (NEW)

3, VIXEN NO.2661 WT Dovetail Tube plate ( New)
4, VIXEN NO.3548  Tube Ring ACC Plate (NEW ) 
5, VIXEN Original accesory tube holder X2
6, VIXEN 1.25' diagonal

7, VIXEN SX 6050.8 AD ( for all 2 inch connection)
8, My original 40mm 2 inch extension tube
9, Televue AD ( 2'----> 1.25 ')

10, VIXEN  Manual ( with GP Mount explanation) --- original

11, VIXEN original BOX

My asking price is ; $1250,USD + shipping + paypal fee.

2 years guraantee 
This FL-80S is The Fluorite Telescope which never disappoint all the VIXEN FL lovers.
with super sharp star imaging.

I can recommend this FL-80S to  such real Telescope lovers in the world!

Thank you for reading !