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ASA AZ800 1 m & 800mm Ritchey-Chrétien telescope AltAz F/7 -f/2,5 from Luntsolarsystems

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Hot News , Luntsolarsystem become a new agent for ASA Products.

Just resently Lutsolarsystems won the Tender with USAFA for 1 m ASA RC Telescopes

we would like to introduce now the f80 cm ASA AltAZ RC Telescope which is already a famous telescope in Europe and Asia.

The ASA AZ800 is an AltAZ mounted telescope with Nasmyth focus, which incorporates all the experience gained from the professional telescopes and are combined with state-of-the-art CNC technology from ASA.

  • Opticdesign by Dipl. Phys. Philipp Keller
  • Ritchey–Chrétien f7 f2,5
  • Optics from ASA
  • Absolute Encoder on each axis
  • Derotator(optional)
  • Automated change of Nasmyth Focus with mouse click
  • Built for robotic use

  • ASA Direct Drive technology
  • State-of-the-art CNC technology for aluminum materials in combination with high-quality composite construction
  • Compact design under 900 kg/2000lbs
  • Heavy instruments on nasmyth focus
  • Coude focus (optional)
  • Satellite tracking(optional)

Technical Features:
- Ritchey Chretien Optic
- 800mm primary mirror
- quartz mirror material
- secondary mirror focusing with encoder
- integrated controller with TCP / IP interface (LINUX SDK optional)
- high-quality aluminum parts from CNC production with carbon fiber components
- integrated fans
- dual nasmyth foci
- de-rotator with absolute encoder
- motorized mirror cover

System performance
- Pointing: <8 "RMS with Pointing File (20° to 85°)
- Tracking accuracy: <0.25 "RMS in 5 minutes
- Encoder resolution: 0.007 "on each axis
- Positioning speed: up to 10 ° / sec.

Software, standard is Windows, but we have a LINUX SDK package for satellite tracking, this software is an option.


The AltAZ design allows a very compact dimension for this telescope size.


User friendly

The Nasmythfokus is controlled by a motor-rotatable tertiary mirror either by the left or right fork side, whereby one can switch between these focusses within a few seconds with a mouse click. They may be e.g. One of the foci visually, the other photographically without having to constantly rebuild. It is, of course, also conceivable to equip the one side with a planetary camera, the other with a reducer. Since all devices are mounted in the center of gravity of the nasmyth focus, balancing with different cameras and accessories is eliminated. The visual comfort is enhanced by the fact that the viewing height is always at the same height and the viewing direction is always horizontal.


The ASA AZ800 achieves a positioning and tracking accuracy which has not yet been achieved. The DirectDrive, together with an encoder resolution on the telescope axis of more than 1/100 arcsec, also ensures the AltAZzconstruction, which avoids the hysteresis effects caused by parallactically mounted telescopes and load changes. Our ASA Derotator(optional) accurately corrects the image field rotation occurring with all AltAz mounted telescopes. Also with this focal are limited viewing shots even without autoguiding with exposure times of 5 minutes no problem.


Optically superior

Also in terms of optics we do not compromise and use quartz glass optics from ASA (L / 8 Wavefront Peak to Valley). We are among the few manufacturers who achieve the surface quality required for outstanding imaging, even in RC and Nasmyth systems.

the complete package include shipping and import fees is US $ 300,000.00 only.

Installation Service can be supplied at cost

We are able to quote and produce with ASA Telescopes up to at least 2.5 meter diameter

If you are serious interested contact our CEO Mr. Andrew Lunt at , and/ or myself Markus Ludes at