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Started by robcos, 02/29/2004 08:26AM
Posted 02/29/2004 08:26AM Opening Post
Hi all, i'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask this....but how long should one give a seller to actually mail the item?

They took an unexpected trip overseas the day after I confirmed the deal and was gone for a week(returning a week ago)...after I was told it was ready to ship...I've since been told alternatively that it's packed and ready --->and it still needs to be packed....

also, "i'll give you the fedex number today, tomorrow at worst"...I've saved all emails and the individual has been inconsistent at best...yet the great rating makes me hang on.....

Any advice? I'm about to demand the money I'm apprehensive about what i'm getting at this point due to the long delay. I confirmed the deal on 2-15.....

Remember, they've got a great rating and my gut says to trust him...but I can only take so much...--->Just tell me the truth and I can wait as long as is needed!
Posted 02/29/2004 09:08AM #1
Unless he has a very good reason for these delays, I would not be happy. Even if he sent it to me he would not get 5 stars unless he could convince me he had a legitimate problem.
If he does not get it mailed in on Monday I would give him an ultimatum, return the money or else send the item now! If he still did not get it done, then I would write Herb with a complaint.

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