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Started by Anacortes, 07/05/2020 05:25PM
Posted 07/05/2020 05:25PM Opening Post
15.1. The nature of the Internet causes your classified advertisements to cross local, regional, state, federal, and international boundaries. Thus, there is great exposure to inadvertently violating Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm distribution laws. All advertisements and/or sales of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cigarettes or Firearms must follow all local, regional, state, federal, and international rules and regulations, and are the sole responsibility of the user. Any and all known violators will be deleted and are cause for immediate and permanent access restrictions to the Service.

15.2. Astromart also prohibits the listing or sale of the following goods for any reason, including but not limited to any item that is illegal to sell under any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation:

(a) Food (other than packaged food meeting all applicable federal, state and local standards for sale to consumers by commercial merchants).
(b) Pharmaceuticals or any other controlled substance.
(c) Dangerous, counterfeit or stolen goods.
(d) Goods which do not actually exist.
(e) Any good that infringes or violates anyone’s rights.
(f) Any goods or services that violate the terms of Section 4, above.
(g) Any item which in Astromart’s™ sole discretion is inflammatory, offensive or otherwise inconsistent with Astromart’s standards of business ethics.
(h) Any item/s that are placed on any other site for sale at the same time it is offered on AstroMart™.
(i) You may not sell anything you do not own
(j) You may not sell any 3rd party items - no selling for friends or family or organizations

ANY violations can and most likely will result in the deletion of your account including ratings.
Posted 07/05/2020 07:43PM #1
Thanks Herb, yes, and to double-check, I did read all of that (being already familiar as well) and exactly as I thought, you must yourself (to paraphrase) “own and HAVE possession of an item” in order to sell it here on AM. Makes perfect sense to me. You might please delete my “extra” posts here. as I can’t seem to do it myself. Thanks.