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Am I just cranky?

Started by markp, 09/07/2012 08:35PM
Posted 09/07/2012 08:35PM Opening Post
I have rated nearly 90 transactions since 2001. I cannot recall any during that time that I considered giving less than 5 stars. Now, this week I have had two in a row where I don't think I could say either transaction deserves 5 stars.

The first involved a "like new with box and instructions" for a very fair price. It was shipped promptly and packed very well and the item was in great condition, however, it was missing the 2"-1-1/4" adapter that was included when the item was new. When I brought this to the sellars attention, asking if it was maybe just an oversight on his part and did he have it laying around somewhere. His only response was along the lines of, "looked for it after I shipped, can't find it..... Sorry about that...".

With the second item, it was agreed that I would pay $3 paypal fee and $6 for USPS Priority shipping. Payment was received by the sellar on Wednesday (9/5). The item did not actually ship until Friday (9/7) and tracking says it will not arrive until 9/13. Too long to have been shipped priority in my estimate. I've shipped in 3 business days from California 3 times this week. Why would this one be 5 business days.

I have always tried hard to maintain a 5 star rating for myself so I hesitate giving anyone else less. Is it my old age making me cranky or do I have some legitimate complaints about these two sellars and they way they handled these transactions?


Posted 09/07/2012 09:04PM #1
If the response on the 1st was as non-chalant as you put it then he gets 4 stars max and a matter of fact explanation as to why in his feed back.

The 2nd one doesnt fit the bill. I dont expect someone to run to the PO the same day....if it takes a couple days (they are in fact not just around the corner for some folks) I dont have any issue with that....and usually tell them that both for their benefit and my it establishes I have a resonable expection that it gets shipped within a couple days. There are any number of reasons why it could take 5 days and I have seen it do so a number of times for priority from CA to GA or vice versa....


#1 perfectly within your rights to be peeved about it

#2 you are being cranky smile

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Posted 09/09/2012 05:50AM #2
I contacted the first sellar and asked if he would consider any type of compensation for the missing adapter. Shortly after, he refunded me an amount that I believe is fair. So I am satisfied.
Posted 09/14/2012 06:11AM #3
The item from the second sellar finally arrived and it was not shipped priority. I contacted the sellar and pointed out our agreement was USPS Priority (which would of actually cost him less than he ended up paying). He apologized and said that it was just an oversight on his part and promptly sent me a refund for the shipping.

Both sellars made their mistakes right and I appreciate that. 5 stars to both of them.