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backing out of a deal

Started by dguglielmo, 04/12/2007 01:51PM
Posted 04/12/2007 01:51PM Opening Post
I'm a little frustrated how do I rate this. I responded to an ad for a canon Canon Eos external power supply. Within the ad listed a canon eos power grip. I said "I definately want the grip" in my answer to the ad. The guy replied with "Just make payment thru this e-mail address and I will ship.."
I replied saying I'd send over the payment later that night when I got out of work.
I sent over the payment, and waited a couple of days.
then went to find the ad. The ad was edited and removed the grip - so there is nobody can tell a grip was ever sold.
Then checked my paypal account and there was a refund and a note within paypal saying the grip was sold and I don't know why you sent payment.
Yea I was refunded, but a little ticked off that now I need to search for a grip again..
Posted 04/12/2007 02:32PM | Edited 04/12/2007 02:34PM #1
Sorry to hear about this problem Denise, but rest assured that this is NOT common... 99% of the people around here are VERY honest.

As far as ratings goes, I'm not sure I would leave any at this point, specially because you don't have any ratings, and if you were to rate BAD this person, he/she could retaliate and post bad feedback for you too... (and that would be a bad start)

I would say "leave it alone" and just remember not to do any business with this person again... life goes on.

Clear skies to you! 8)

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Posted 04/12/2007 02:33PM | Edited 04/12/2007 02:36PM #2
Well it sounds like 3 or 4 stars to me. It is not
nearly so bad as having your money stolen, or waiting
2 months to get your money back. This sort
of thing is not great but it happens. Even with a major
camera dealer, etc., you will still find that
great camera deal "sold out" in the 5 minutes you
were on the phone placing the order, etc. Just
explain what happened in the comments; be accurate.

I was unclear whether you bought the advertised power
supply. If in the end you bought nothing from the
chap, I might just forget the whole thing and let it go.
Posted 04/12/2007 02:59PM #3
Let it slide and mark it up to experience gained. It's really not worth the long term grief to start off ratings with an exchange of bad ones.

FWIW I recently had a deal for some goods here and we discussed shipping, costs and delivery dates. The seller sent a note stating that if I sent payment on the weekend he would ship my goods on Monday. I thought we had a firm committment. I sent payment Sunday around noon and by 1:00 I had a refund sent with a separate email saying since he hadn't heard from me he sold the goods to next in line. I was a little ticked especially since it was an expensive item and I lost 3% to paypal on the deal. As it turned out, I now don't think the deal was a good one and I wouldn't have been happy in the end. I got lucky.

Don't worry about a missed deal. If you play by the rules, there will always be another deal, another time. And one thing you can be very sure of; there will always be a great deal you just missed.

clear skies,
Posted 04/14/2007 11:44AM #4
Denise Guglielmo said:

then went to find the ad. The ad was edited and removed the grip - so there is nobody can tell a grip was ever sold.

I have had several people edit their ads after negotiations began or a deal had been struck. I receive AM ads via email so I have a record of the original ad in my inbox. If I begin negotiations to buy an item I will even get a screen shot of the AM page and copy any pictures. I keep these until a transaction is complete. On one occasion I began to feel I was going to get hosed (payment had been made) when an ad was edited. (A number of accessories offered in the purchase disappeared) I emailed to seller to ask about the edit and was told that no edit had been done. I posted the screenshot on a private webpage along with the ad from my inbox and emailed the link to the seller asking if Mr. York might have an interest in the transaction. The transaction went smoothly from there but I have to wonder what might have happened. The seller had an all positive feedback rating.

Sign up for ad delivery via email and keep the email ads for any transaction you enter into until completed. It might pay off someday.