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Bad packaging

Started by lintonius, 03/24/2007 06:30PM
Posted 03/24/2007 06:30PM | Edited 03/24/2007 06:32PM Opening Post
Well, I'm not quite ready to issue feedback yet,
but I just received some high end bino's.
They came in a padded case, which is fortunate,
since they were bouncing around in the box,
which was about 3 times the size of the case.
No bubble wrap. No foam. No peanuts. Nothing. shocked
The case was dented in the area of one of the latches.
The bino's appear to be in good shape. I'll try them out tonight.
But I am absolutely amazed that someone would ship like this.
I will contact the seller to see what he has to say.
He is a 2+ year Astromartster with a dozen 5 star ratings.
Posted 03/24/2007 07:28PM #1
Hey Linton,
Check them out well, they do not like getting bounced around. Poor packaging deserves less than stars, especially if it is done that poorly on an expensive item.

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