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Erased an Unused Rating by Mistake

Started by Mike Ratcliff, 03/13/2007 08:36AM
Posted 03/13/2007 08:36AM Opening Post
I was clearing out some unused ratings of other people for transactions that I was too late for. I accidently erased someone that I did have a tranaction ongoing, and now I can't leave a rating.

Any ideas?

Can the other guy respond again to the "SOLD" ad? I couldn't figure out a way to undo the SOLD.

Create a new fake ad and hope noone else responds? (Eh, I know, a set of Meade 4000 Super plossls for $4000. That should keep everyone away. smile )


Posted 03/13/2007 05:07PM #1
Hi Mike,Yes he could respond to your sold ad again,so that you can give him a rating.I hope this helps.:-)