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First negative ?

Started by progenitor, 06/20/2008 12:06AM
Posted 06/20/2008 12:06AM Opening Post
I am considering first negative rating.
I responded to ad with "I will take it" and some clarification questions re details of the item.
During the day, his response was that he received so many inquiries that he should have ask more $$$.
Last email was that he sold locally.
I responded that I thought that "I will take it" means a commitment on AM.

Posted 06/20/2008 06:42AM | Edited 06/20/2008 06:43AM #1
It sucks, I know... sorry you found a bad/greedy apple here, not many of those in Astromart. :S

Even though I understand your disappointment, and the urge to drop a negative feedback for this individual, let me remind you that feedback is meant ONLY to be used for COMPLETED deals, and even though an "I'll take it" means a deal on your side, the other guy did not completed his part...

Let is go... "what goes around comes around..."

Clear skies David, 8)

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Posted 06/20/2008 08:20AM #2

Without knowing the item or the price, here's a few thoughts...

- As Ivan points out, ratings are only for completed deals, this deal was not completed so no rating is possible.

- When I buy something I want to be happy with the price but I also want the seller to be happy. Sometimes someone lists something at a price that is so low that it is obvious to me that they do not know the market. Rather that trying to hold them to their word on the price, I consider it the gentlemanly thing to do to let them know that they have under-priced the item.

In such cases, I will respond with something like this:

"Hi: I would like to buy the item you offered if you truly want to sell it at that price. However I do think you should definitely be asking for more money, if you look through the archives you will see that generally these go for about $200 more than the $450 you are asking."

Normally I get a response thanking me, sometimes the seller knows that the price is low and just wants to move the item, sometimes not. As I said, personally I want both a happy seller/happy buyer, I don't want someone finding out later that they could have gotten more.

I find this more commonly on Craigslist and other local ad marts. For example, last year I saw an 80mm WO Megrez II FD advertised locally for $450. This is the FLP-53 doublet with the two speed crayford etc, the seller had never used it because he hadn't bought a tripod. It came with a 2 inch diagonal which was extra.

I told the seller I thought he could probably get $650-$700 on Astromart, he was aware of Astromart and was comfortable selling me the scope for $450... He was happy, I was happy and I am still happy... smile

Just some thoughts here.


Posted 06/20/2008 11:39AM #3
Not sure. If the "clarification questions" came back
with answers you did not like, would you still have
bought it? Sounds like you were not 100% sure,
and the other guy never said it was yours. I've even
paid for stuff, and still it went to someone else.
Not great, but happens.