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Started by deans, 03/26/2008 06:12PM
Posted 03/26/2008 06:12PM Opening Post
Ok I bought a 2" diagonal advertised as new, perfect, etc. Price is ok, not a steal but fair. Picture is a Meade picture of a new one. I finally get it after a cuple weeks due to a shipping error on his part, not a big deal as he stayed in contact.

So I get the item, does look new, not a mark on it. But both the set screws have been replaced with small allen head bolts/screws. Not the standard screw with a head big enough to grip. I sent him an e-mail but have not heard back yet. He only has a single received rating, has given none.

Not a big deal really but it is not like new and it should have been stated the original screws are missing.

I'll probably let it go but....

What would you do?

Thanks for any opinion.
Posted 03/26/2008 06:30PM #1
I understand how you feel... :S
If I were you, I'd let it go... or worst comes to worst, don't drop a rating for him... as chances are he might not drop one for you either...

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