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Need rating advice - EP condition

Started by mountainsean, 04/28/2007 11:40AM
Posted 04/28/2007 11:40AM Opening Post

I'm still new to Amart, so I really don't want to misstep here, and would appreciate some consensus/advice. I purchased EP that arrived today - great packaging, prompt shipment, good communication throughout. My problem is the condition of the EP - there's a fairly sizable fingerprint/smudge on the lens (see photo). It was advertised as "like new" and only used a handful of times. I understand it can be cleaned, but I'd like to get opinions on how you'd rate if you were in my shoes. If the fingerprint entirely forgivable? Or would you dock a star or two? I emailed the seller to give him a chance to respond of course.


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Posted 04/28/2007 12:16PM | Edited 04/28/2007 01:44PM #1
This may have happened when it was packaged and was missed by the seller. He may also have not wanted to touch the coatings.
If it cleans off perfectly, then I would just make a comment about it, but not give a bad rating because of it. Maybe a 4 star for the finger print instead of a 5 star.
Some times I would rather they not clean the EP or lens and let me do it. grin

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