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Optics Planet Scam?

Started by k4thecrochunter, 01/14/2021 01:43AM
Posted 01/14/2021 01:43AM Opening Post
I wanted to ask if anyone else is getting a run around from Optics Planet. Or any other dealer for that matter. I know all the dealers are lacking inventory to sell due to the Covid attack, but in my opinion, this place is acting sneaky about it. 

I ordered two telescopes from Optics Planet on Jan 01, 2021 which were shown to be in stock on their website. They quickly charged my acct for the total amount of $1306.03 on the day I placed the order. They managed to ship me the first part of the order (a SW 72 EVO APO OTA) right away which I received a few days later.  The other part of  the order was a SW Skymax 127 AZ-GTi setup. It was not shipped but it was marked as "Processing" right away and has stayed that way. I called on the phone last week and was told not to worry, that it was in stock and was being readied to be shipped. I checked the site and sure enough it was still listed as 'Processing'. I checked availability and the scope was listed as a 4-6 mo waiting period to be back in stock. OK. Mine must but be there preparing for shipment.  A few days later I checked and it was back in stock and only 'one left...Hurry'. The next day it was on back order.  A day later it was 'one left...hurry' again.  Good grief!

Today 1/13/21, I called and waited for 10 minutes.  After the wait the call was answered by a computer and said 'We are sorry, your call cannot be answered at this time. Please leave a message and we will get back with you"  I tried to chat with them and that came back after a 10 person wait that chat was not available. 

Well, after this, I sent an email complaint in telling them that I have had enough and to cancel my remaining telescope order and issue me a refund and that I will be contacting my credit card about them. I do not like businesses that charge for an order that they do not have in stock. Most legitimate businesses will wait till they ship to charge for the order.
Any body else having problems like this or is it just my typical bad luck.

I think we need a dealer rating forum