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Protocol for When Things Go Bad

Started by Peter Glus, 04/01/2008 06:02AM
Posted 04/01/2008 06:02AM Opening Post
Paid for an item here, and waited 4 weeks. Emailed the seller and he said he had a personal emergency and didn't get it out...he apologized and offered a refund. I accepted the refund. That was 5 weeks ago. I have emailed him a few times, w/ no response and have not recived the refund. Silence. What bothered me is that he aparantly had the time to relist the item and sell it again, during the time period that he was supposed to refund me (so his "personal emergency" only selectively prevented him from doing telescope business). I send him a final email, and am thinking the next step is to zing him with a zero. Any expereinces like this?
Posted 04/01/2008 06:05AM #1
I will add, for those folks that are new here, that I believe this is a complete outlier and have had hundreds of safe and great transactions. Reazon I am writing this is to get a more "standard response" to the problem, and not let my emotions dictate my next steps.
Posted 04/02/2008 06:53AM #2
Peter: As others have said, when things go bad, contact Herb... He has a way about him...