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Re: Don't worry about your Ratings!

Started by jonisaacs, 02/24/2008 03:35AM
Posted 02/24/2008 03:35AM | Edited 02/24/2008 04:14AM Opening Post
John Meiners said:

This Forum is un-necessary "Don't worry about your Rating"
Quote: From a guy who has rec. 40+ and has given 20... Pontificate several paragraphs on this issue.. go figure?

I don't see any problem with the fact that I have given fewer ratings than I have received. I have always given ratings when I was asked to. Ratings are optional.

Did you happen to read the ratings?

Here's one for example:

Comments: Jon was very helpful and e-mailed me several pages of an older camera manual I needed. A fine Astromart citizen. Many thanks Jon.

Would you expect me to rate someone when I took my time to scan the pages and EMail them?

Here's another one:

Recently,I placed an ad to help find a starter set of eyepieces for a new Astronomer of limited means. I got many responses from the good folks on Amart. But Jon went well above the call, providing me with honest,helpful advice and suggestions--even web links,reviews,etc.--that resulted in my friend solving his ep problems with less expenditure than he thought. Thanks, Jon. We need more folks like you on Amart! Ten Stars!

You can call it pontificating but I suggest to new members that if you want good ratings, concern yourself with doing your best job.

Jon Isaacs