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Re: Have you heard this one?

Started by ad6ic, 02/18/2007 12:46PM
Posted 02/18/2007 12:46PM | Edited 02/18/2007 12:58PM Opening Post
Honestly, to me this sound's like a possible scenario. Its certainly a bit rude of the buyer to unilaterally back out, but I see no evidence for dishonesty or negligence by the buyer here. You said yourself - you did not expect or request proof of mailing the MO. You could still ask him to email/fax a copy of the MO return receipt that the seller should still have and tell him that your rateing of him depends on that.

I myself once bought a telescope, sent the MO as requested and it 2 weeks later did not arrive per the seller. I asked (!) to call off the deal, the seller agree'd and that was it. A MO refund is subject to a mandatory wait of 8 weeks from the issue date. So I had no way of determining if the seller or a thief cashed the MO before that time and did not want to send another payment (was almost 1000 bucks) until I knew what is going on.
At the end - the MO (sent w/delivery confirmation) came back after 3 weeks with "Receipient Address does not exist", although the address was correct to the letter.

What would I do different next time ? Little, send the MO by real-time traceable means, like UPS. Make the seller aware that a MO might not be the best way to pay and may cause the payment process take unacceptable long time, if any problems occurs.