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Re: Is This Proper Protocol????

Started by swsands, 01/27/2006 06:58AM
Posted 01/27/2006 06:58AM | Edited 01/27/2006 07:03AM Opening Post

It may make you feel a little better to hear about an episode I had: I purchased a Coronado filter from someone in AstroMart ($4,500) and it arrived damaged (questionable cause, by the way). Not only did I have to coordinate the entire claims process with UPS and have the filter evaluated by Coronado, I paid for all overnight shipping and associated expenses. The seller received payment from UPS 6 months later (I am out $4,500+ for that duration). He had insured it for the full amount and only refunded the $4,500 (6 months later 8O ), so the jerk made $1,000+ off of the deal and stuck me with the expenses. Of course, the ad and user disappeared, so no ratings could occur.

Quite simply, it all boils down to the basic fact that online transactions are inherently risky, even in a controlled environment such as AstroMart. (Caveat Emptor). Throw another country in the mix and it gets even more complicated. I find that the more clearly things are communicated (i.e. shipping methods, payment, etc) BEFORE the sale, the less chance for problems. Also, if I am not familiar with the buyer/ seller, I take a look at feedbacks given and received and make a decision.