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Re: NO RESPONSE deserving of ratings?

Started by jonisaacs, 06/27/2007 07:38AM
Posted 06/27/2007 07:38AM Opening Post
>>>And I know the rating system guidelines suggest to leave a rating on completed transactions only. But I think any response or offer to buy made in good faith deserves some sort of a reply. Even a reply of one word, "sold", would suffice. A few I've even contacted a second time, and STILL no response, and the ad is STILL up there, with not a hint of being sold or pending.


Ivan and Alex have given you some good advice but here is something more to consider:

There are many reasons that the other party may not respond to your Mail. You seem to be assuming it is because they too lazy or just didn't take the time to respond.

However it is also very possible that they never got your email for any number of reasons or that they sent you an Email and you did not receive it. Or maybe they got 100 Emails and couldn't reply to them all or maybe .....

Astromart provides us all with opportunties to buy and sell our equipment. Those momemts waiting for a reply when I have made the decision to buy can be exciting and nerve racking at the same time. If there is no reply, that energy just sort of fizzles out rather than being released so it can be frustrating.

But, that frustion is my own and if I never received a response, there is no way to know why so I just let it pass as one of those small mysteries of life.

There is an internet proverb:

"Never assume malice when ignorance or miscommunication is a reasonable explanation..."


Posted 06/28/2007 04:42PM #1
There is a very simple way to communicate to everyone in this situation. It's called editing your ad with a "SOLD" or "Pending" notice in the ad title. It requires very little effort and is ideal for sellers who are swamped with inquiries for an item already in some stage of transaction.

This type of communication problem would virtually disappear if more sellers would simply use this option.