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Shipping Damage. Who is responsible ?

Started by farmerdavid, 06/26/2010 06:43PM
Posted 06/26/2010 06:43PM | Edited 06/26/2010 06:44PM Opening Post
You make a deal with someone on Astromart, send payment, and receive the item damaged and unusable. The item requires replacement parts to function.
Seller says the item was in good condition when shipped.
Who is responsible for the costs to fix it?
Buyer, Seller, or split 50/50?
Posted 06/26/2010 07:02PM #1
The way I look at it is that until it arrives in the buyers hands, as stated in the ad undamaged, the item still belongs to the seller. The seller is responsible for the insurance and if a claim is made, it is the seller that has to make that claim. This is why I would have to say it is the sellers responsibility.

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