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Started by Midnight Sun, 09/27/2007 10:14PM
Posted 09/27/2007 10:14PM Opening Post
Your thoughts on this situation; You post an ad for a scope. Basic type no photo, brief discription. A responder e-mails you and asks several questions...age of the item, what did it cost new, will you take payments, could you send a photo. OK, all pretty fair questions (excluding the Payment arrangement) So you answer to the best of your ability all questions, send a photo or photos... Then weeks past and you never hear back from the person!? What's up with that...No I am not intimating one should fire back with a 0 star reward..but what would be more apropos ? JM

Posted 09/27/2007 10:36PM #1
I feel this is common, aka "kicking the tires". Annoying
perhaps, but just part of the selling process.
Posted 09/28/2007 05:08AM #2
It is just one of those things that happen. Let it go. (I think not getting back a "Thanks, but I've moved on to something else....." is rude on the part of the inquirer--but why point out rudeness.)

As for a zero rating--the system says that you leave ratings only on completed deals....And this one was not complete. (This is, in my opinion one of the problems with the rating system.)