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Star status not understood??

Started by Midnight Sun, 02/26/2007 10:11AM
Posted 02/26/2007 10:11AM Opening Post
I just scanned through 10 pages of gold star ratings which the majority was 5 star rates..however dispursed among the pages totaling aprox. 130 rates..were numerous - neg. rates..these all translated to an end result showing on the gentleman's overall rate as ****1/2 gold stars.. so at first glance one would assume this user is a straight shooter. I was thinking about responding to a item this seller was offering on my first look at his history record of four and a half gold stars.. glad I perused through the sordid details.. "Buyers beware" JM

Posted 02/26/2007 04:04PM | Edited 02/26/2007 04:28PM #1
It becomes tougher as the user has more transactions... since the percentage of BAD transactions would have to be very high in order to show... :S

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