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What do you expect from a seller?

Started by ALCHEMIST1, 03/28/2008 07:45AM
Posted 03/28/2008 07:45AM Opening Post
Is it unreasonable to expect the seller to fully honor the terms of his/her ad? Is it unreasonable to remind them that a deal is a deal when they change the terms of the sale AFTER you've sent payment? And if they insult you after that by saying you're not understanding and make derogatory comments about your worth as a person, what do you do? Just wondering if y'all have ever had to deal with these scenarios, and if yes what you did.
Posted 03/28/2008 08:28AM | Edited 03/28/2008 08:36AM #1
First of all derogatory comments of ANY sort should never be tolerated.

Without further details on how/why they changed the terms of sale after payment was sent, I can't offer an opinion.
I recently had to do the same thing myself though.

I offered a atlas for sale for $45.00. Seller pays shipping.
I got a few responses and one person said they would buy it.
He transfered the funds through paypal and I got the receipt.
It was only when I went to print the shipping label that I found out he lived in Canada. My shipping cost was going to be $24.60 plus the international paypal fee for the transaction. I contacted him saying that I had only figured on paying between $4-$7 for shipping and that if he still wanted the atlas he would need to add a additional $18 or I could give him a full refund. He was gracious enough to take the refund.

I feel this was 90% my fault because I forgot to add the (conus only) with regards to the shipping, and 10% his fault for not mentioning he lived in Canada when we were discussing the transaction.

Yes I changed the terms of the sale AFTER payment was made. I feel I was justified in doing so. Others may not.

(As a side note I eventually sold the atlas to a gentleman from the UK. He paid the extra $18 shipping costs. Why it cost the same $24.60 to ship to Canada as opposed to the UK is beyond me)

Fred Dase

Wisdom Begins In Wonder
Posted 03/28/2008 08:29AM | Edited 03/28/2008 08:33AM #2
Well, I would probably contact Herb with the actual facts...

You are correct in saying that a DEAL is a DEAL, and derogatory comments are NEVER good.
99.9% of the people here are very nice, but there is always a rotten apple around...

Does this person have good ratings? any ratings?

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