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A few minor issues with auctions

Started by kurtfriedrich, 06/05/2007 10:15AM
Posted 06/05/2007 10:15AM | Edited 06/05/2007 10:17AM Opening Post
Just some minor things ...
1) I listed a scope with a reserve price, and I bought 2 "reserve tickets". When the auction expired, I got mail that said I could re-list since I had one more ticket. But when I relisted, I wanted to have a different starting price and no reserve. No matter what I typed in the starting bid, reserve, and buy-it-now fields, when I click to the verify page, the prices reverted back to my old prices, including the reserve.
2) So I thought, well, the heck with that, I'll just start over with a "new" listing, not re-list the old auction. When I did that, it didn't show me that I had an unused "reserve or starting price ticket".
3) So I thought, oh well, I'll spend another 4 bucks and get a new ticket, since I wanted to have a starting price, but not a reserve. I bought the ticket, did the new listing, and it lets me have a starting price, but it insists on their being a reserve price too? Would be nice to be allowed to just have the starting price. I didn't mind paying the $4 for it.
4) So I said, oh well, I'll just make the starting price and the reserve price the same (3900). Now when you go to the auction page, where it shows the pics of the closing soon auctions, it shows my start price, and does not show the red "reserve not met", which is good. When you click on "refractors", and get a list of the (currently) 3 refractors, again, it does not show the red "reserve not met", which is good. but when you click on the actual item, my scope, you get the red text saying "reserve not met".

All minor, I love Astromart. Fix this stuff if you like.
Kurt F

AP140 on Tak EM-200
WO FLT110 on Losmandy GM-8