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A little worried about my transaction.

Started by SocalDarkSkies, 07/10/2006 04:13PM
Posted 07/10/2006 04:13PM Opening Post
I have a question regarding ad posting dates and if they can change once they are submitted.

On July 6th I saw an ad for Starry Night Pro 5.0 NIB software and responded right away. I was the 5th hit on ad #439145. I contacted the seller immediately and he sent me an e-mail address to send a PayPal payment to. I did so and he wrote me back that he had received payment and would be sending the software out the next day (Friday, July 7).

Today I did a search for that ad but there is no record of it on Astromart. Instead there is an identical ad with a posting date of 7/8/2006 (2 days later) and a different classified number #439572.

I'm wondering why this would happen and wondering if I should be worried or maybe I should relax as the time stamps on ads and Astromart ad numbers commonly change.

If you are interested in seeing the original ad, which no longer can be found on Astromart, I have posted it on my website at

I guess it's possible that this Astromarter has multiple NIB versions of the software, ya think?

Posted 07/10/2006 04:41PM #1
AD numbers WILL NOT change unless it got deleted and re-created...
I would recommend contacting the seller and making sure everything is OK...

Were there any other items being SOLD with it? Maybe he made a change in the Ad and instead of EDITING he/she used DELETE and MADE A NEW ONE?

Let us know if we can help,

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