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Acceptable number of ads

Started by pdh5150, 08/13/2007 03:40PM
Posted 08/13/2007 03:40PM | Edited 08/13/2007 03:41PM Opening Post
I just sold an SCT on AM, but the buyer didn't want all the accessories I offered. Is it okay to break up the original ad and place the accessories in 4 different ads in the appropriate categories or should I limit the number ads I place in a day?

Patrick Harrold
Posted 08/13/2007 03:55PM #1
Hi Patrick,

There isn't any problem with listing your other 4 items at the same time. The only thing I have ever heard mentioned is a limitation on how often you list the SAME ITEM if it has not sold (i.e. someone posting a new ad every hour for the same item until it is sold or they give up). Four is a reasonable number and I have certainly seen other folks post way more than that at once!