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After 5 days-still no response from seller!!

Started by Kartan, 03/16/2006 10:08PM
Posted 03/16/2006 10:08PM Opening Post

I normally don't put up a fuss but in this case I am. I figure if someone is putting something up for sale (in this case a 8" Hardin Dob) that at least they would check on the status after posting. I can understand a few hours or so but ...5 DAYS!!!

I'm actually doing this for a friend here. I saw the add 3/11 and was like the 35th hit. I e-mailed the seller and informed them about a friend in his area looking for what he was selling. Being a pickup and only 30 minutes away you couldn't ask for anything better. I e-mailed my fried who in turned e-mailed the seller. Since then there hasn't been a e-mail, call, pending, sold, nothing, ziltch, nodda!!

I mean I hope nothing bad has happen but is there a way for someone to make a call or something? By the way the same person has the Orion 4.5 Starblast for sale and I'msure there are a few upset at that as well.

Kenny Jones
Posted 03/17/2006 03:30AM | Edited 03/17/2006 03:31AM #1
Yea, I would find this pretty annoying, but it
seems to happen alot. You respond pretty quick
to an ad and never hear back. Maybe seller
comes back the next day and has 300 e-mails
and can't deal with it, etc.
Posted 03/17/2006 05:07AM #2
Some people are a bit cautious when getting an e-mail from a NON-AMART member. I know I am - as it can sometimes be a scam.
Posted 04/02/2006 01:51PM | Edited 04/02/2006 01:53PM #3
I'd follow up again via the ad and via PM.

Sometimes people's ISP or business servers have problems; they lose their e-mail; they screw up their Astromart account and get locked out, etc.

So try again. If this is an ad from a non-rated and new AMer, then it's helpful that you or rather your friend would be doing a local viewing and pick up. You can then have complete confidence in the buy. Otherwise, a phone call, some e-mail exchange, or an internet "background check" can help establish the person's bona fides.